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Nick Gazin x Gucci Mane Interview for Vice VBS.TV

We have to admit that since our collaboration with him we grew some sort of affection towards our friend Nick Gazin. I mean, the guy has been awesome with us, first of all by giving us one of the craziest pieces of our t shirt collection (be patient guys, it’s coming soon), and secondly for receiving reading and responding to the thousands of emails that we sent him harassing him in numerous ways: I mean, the first email that NVRMND crew member Hard Denim Jeans sent him was to invite him to “smoke the reefer” and “get mad fucked up” with him in the streets of Brooklyn. But still, Gazin tolerated our big rude obnoxious mouths and still collaborated with us.

So here we want to show him a little support by posting an interview he did for Vice Magazine’s VBS.T with rapper Gucci Mane. This interview is really worth watching: first of all you will get to know Nick a little better, and secondly the interview itself is pretty funny. Enjoy and please support Nick and his work on his blog, and obviously by buying the tee he designed for us as soon as it comes out. Click on the picture to watch the video:

Nick also made a little three page comic about his adventures and fantasies about this encounter, check it out here.

– NvrMndWhoCreatedYou

“Friends & Family” Award Tour Lookbook

It’s almost October, and brands now are now popping out lookbooks like no other. Next up is Award Tour with a book dedicated themed “Friends & Family”. This brand does not follow seasons, however, but focuses on collections. So, pretty much they just do what they wanna do, when they want to do it. These dope graphic tees sweaters etc will be for sale tomorrow at 8:30PM EST on their online store.

– NvrMndWhoCreatedYou


Felguk never decided to put an exclamation point at the end of their name, but fuck, they deserve one. They once stated that they’re keeping Electro alive. I never thought it was dying, but with this life support behind it, Electro’s heart is never gonna stop pounding. They originate from Rio de Janeiro, and have had a quite a few releases on Bug-Eyed records and Plasmapool. They’ve toured the US, Canada, Mexico, and of course blow up their home Brazil regularly. Seriously, take notes aspiring producers. These are magnificent purps. Listen. Enjoy.

Buzz me (original mix) – Felguk!

Disco Delay (Felguk Remix) – Neelix

– 3ldjnd

Paul Smith Jeans Fall/Winter 2010 Season Lookbook

Paul Smith just came out with the lookbook for their 2010 season. Dedicated to the snowy, cold days this collection features a variety of outdoor apparel along with  their usual pant and denim collection. Nice warm wool-like sweaters, hats and scarves, and denim jackets (which this year seem to have made the comeback of the century) and numerous jeans and pants, with a clean, but stylish cut and fit.


CTRL Fall/Winter 2010 Lookbook (This is NVRMND’s 100th post, Grab a Drink)

Coming all the way from Finland, CTRL clothing is back with their Fall/Winter lookbook titled “The Groundhog Day”. Risky decision on the designers part as this lookbook presents the new collection without its true colors: pictures are in black and white, or with saturation modifications, or even distorted. On the other hand the final product is pretty amazing, proving that CTRL is somehow “different” from all other clothing brands arounf the world. Enjoy, and to buy visit their website.


Kim Boekbinder – “Chapter Two of The Impossible Girl”

Kim Boekbinder is ‘The Impossible Girl’. She writes music and makes music all by herself and with friends who also play instruments. The Impossible Girl is her first solo album and it’s coming out  in four chapters: Chapter One – August 15th, 2010; Chapter Two – September 15th, 2010; Chapter Three – October 15th, 2010; Chapter Four – FULL ALBUM – November 15th, 2010. She’s really interesting, so you should give her a listen.

First part of her Chapter Two of the Impossible Girl. I have no idea what’s really going on, but this is pretty damn interesting, beautiful, and catchy.

Here part 2 of Chapter Two  – apparently there were no effects used.

and a link to her website – The Impossible Girl

– leahknowesy

Top Denim Short Films Trailer

Top Denim came out with a leattle teaser trailer for their upcoming 3 short films directed by Laurence Ellis. The three films, each one with different main characters Louis, Henry and Sid, picture the trip of these youngsters to an unknown (for now) location. Nice photography and outfit selection on the producers’ part.

The three shorts will be released October 4th so stay updated.

– NvrMndWhoCreatedYou