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Renart – “Voyage Chromatique”

French producer, Renart, known for his hypnotic-esque, black metal and experimental sounds has just unveiled his latest EP, out on Dawn Records. With us, he shares his latest tune, “Voyage Chromatique” with a visual montage directed by two former students of the school of Gobelins, Kevin Manach and Ugo. They create this thoroughly entertaining and disturbing video, which offers a real journey through a chromatic transgression.

also, check out his myspace!!! you can hear more of his tracks and get more info on his new EP on his official website.


Robyn – “Dancehall Queen”

New video from Robyn.

check it.


NVRMND Picture of The Week

Kilian Martin: a Short Skate Film

Another passion of the NVRMND team is skating. While none of us are particularly good at the sport, we all enjoy the fine art of watching quality skating. Tonight we’re sharing a piece that we recently stumbled upon, and if you’re into technical skating then you’re gonna love it. Lets just say that Rodney Mullen better watch out, because Kilian Martin is coming for his throne. Check it out:

Be sure to scope out his website:


NVRMND’s Black Friday Special!

Yes, while we are all getting ready for turkey day here is another special coming from your friends here at NVRMND. The game is pretty simple, Black Friday, All Day, 50% off everything for sale on our online store with code BLCKFRDY! Make sure you get up early and get your hands on your favorite gear!

– NvrMndWhoCreatedYou aka LetsKillAndre

The “Before I die I want to..” Project

Pretty interesting artistic project, based on the combination of Polaroid photography and voluntary participation. Subjects of photography are asked to write down a simple, straightforward question, “What do yo want to do before you die?”. Enjoy.

Visit for more and to participate.


Swing House? You know you want.

Parov Stellar is a beautiful producer. Every single one of his works are unique in a new way, although, the ones I’m giving you on this wonderful day are beyond unique. He doesn’t sample unless he’s trying to pull some weird shit on us. He makes a point to use his own resources and ability to their greatest. You gotta love that. This Australian Groove manic was born on Etage Noir Records, and you can check his M-SPACE <- there. His tracks are the type that make the 50s look new, and the producers that do that for me, I bow to. He makes them sound old and rustic, yet that kick brings the new groove in. Get ready to sway that body and slap them shoes.


Libella Swing – Parov Stellar (original Mix)

Cat Groove – Parov Stellar (original Mix)