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The Wu-Tang Clan Vs. The Beatles

Mash-ups seem to be an ever increasing trend in the music world. I mean, there are tons of them, and most of them aren’t very good. It takes a lot of skill to put together multiple artists’ work (most of the time with a dated artist, think Girl Talk’s “Oh No” or Super Mash Bros’ “Nasty Feel”) and still produce something fresh and  new.

Tom Caruana is a man who recently accomplished just that, having recently released an album featuring mash ups of the The Beatles, and The Wu-Tang Clan titled “Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers”.

A visual aid for added emphasis:

These guys…                                               …with these guys. Yea.



I’m just going to get to the point; The is a great album. Mr. Caruana does a great job with his sampling; you can tell every Beatles track is handled with precision and care. The album is not just an acapella version of ’36 Chambers’ over some Beatles in the background. Caruana expands on that albums with a variety of songs from Wu-Tang solo albums, most of which are Ghost Face and Raekwon. There’s even a bit of ODB singing a portion of “Love Me Do”. Here’s the track list:


Now, this album is a couple of months old, and the reason I bring it up is that it’s very limited quantity and they are about to sell out of it. Once they sell the last copy they are going to stop production of this album completely. There are only about 200 left, and you can pick them up HERE.

And for your listening pleasure while you put in that paypal information, we have a couple of tracks from the album that we liked.


Both simply fantastic tracks.



FutureClaw Magazine: “Kids, New Moon on Monday”

FutureClaw Magazine presents this short film titled “Kids, New Moon on Monday”. Subject of the video is the juxtaposition of rebellious youth with fashion and how they both interact and feed off each other. With hints from from numerous subcultures and eras, this video shows how the conception of “trend” is now more blurry of what it used to be. It is a pure representation that, this new generation of young people, tends to assimilate, and somehow pick-and-choose from different styles and make it into its own. For as much as this new generation is being looked down upon, as being not original or revolutionary, I personally think this fashion choice and practice does actually have a meaning and makes a strong statement of itself. Enjoy:

– LetsKillAndre

NVRMND Picture of The Week

The Fashion Anthropologist: Bill Cunningham x “New York”

Extremely respected and loved in both the fashion industry and the city of New York, 82 year old Bill Cunningham is a fashion and urban wear photographer. His favorite subject are usually young, trendy people and some big names of the fashion industry. With decades of work for the NY Times fashion section, Cunningham is considered the number one collector and contemporary-fashion expert of the western world. Always armed with his camera, big smile and down to earth personality, he can be found anywhere from the darkest allies of the “hip” districts of Brooklyn, to the most exclusive parties in Manhattan.

Following is the trailer of a documentary dedicated to his persona. The film features fashion designers of the caliber of Wintour, Tom Wolfe, Brooke Astor and David Rockefeller. I know I definitely won’t miss this film, and neither should you. Enjoy:

– LetsKillAndre

NVRMND Old Time Reminiscing: Johnny Cash

I’d like to think that I am pretty open to all genres of music. All genres expect for country. I don’t know what it is about country music, but it just doesn’t hit my ear right. The one exception to my aversion for the genre would have to be Johnny Cash. He is the fucking man. Period. It’s a shame that he’s dead, but at least he had quite a thrill filled life. He’s done everything from being a drug addict to starting a forest fire. In fact, after his truck caught on fire due to an “overheated wheel bearing” the resulting fire ended up burning about 508 acres of the Los Padres National Forest. It also burned and killed 49 out of the refuge’s 53 endangered condors. Cash was pretty cavalier about the whole “killing an endangered species” situation, and is quoted as saying “I don’t care about your damn yellow buzzards.”

He had quite an extensive career. I mean, he started in 1954 and kept playing until he died in 2003. Not as many people can stay in the lime light that long and still produce great music. I mean, look at one of his early songs, like “Cocaine Blues” from his album ‘Love, God, Murder’:

Now compare it to “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” from one of his last albums, ‘America V: A Hundred Highways’:

They are so vastly different, and they showcase Cash’s ability to grow and alter his style while still staying true to his country roots.

Aside from making tons of classics of his own he is also responsible for some excellent covers, such as Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song” and Nine Inch Nails’ “Hurt”.

“Hurt” has a pretty solid music video accompanying it, displaying Cash’s feelings of regret and dissatisfaction with events from his past. He worked on it for quite a while with record producer and Columbia Records co-president Rick Ruben. Ruben has worked with such names as The Beastie Boys, Run DMC, Rage Against the Machine, Metallica, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, etc. Without him this song would not have happened, and seriously, it’s a great video and a great song. Check it out:

While we’re on the topic of great covers and Johnny Cash, Wyclef Jean from the legendary rap group ‘The Fugees’ does a great cover Cash’s song “Delia’s Gone”. Real talk, Johnny Cash has been covered many, many, times by multiple people, and this is hands down the best cover out of any Johnny Cash song. If you’re only going to watch only one of the videos I post, let it be this one:

RIP Johnny Cash.


PRADA S/S 2011 Campain Video

Not many young streetwear lovers are really into designer fashion. They think it’s either for granmas, gays, or girls (not that there i nothing negative about any of these three groups: granmas are the best, gays definitely know how to party, and girls… well we all know why girls are awesome) . I mean, we can’t really blame them, imagine a skater/urban kid appreciating the shape and design of a stiletto, of even just caring about the material and cut of a suit; it’s just never going to happen.

For all you trendsters that also have an eye for for designer fashion, here is some candy for your eyes. PRADA just released their Campain Video for their Spring/Summer 2011. All I can say is that I’m am too a young, streetwear-lovin’ guy; but fuck, this shit is awesome.

– LetsKillAndre

She & Him – “Don’t Look Back”

Indie folk band from the US, She & Him (Zooey Deschanel & M. Ward) graced us at last year’s Coachella. These two joined together back in 2006 under Merge Records, and released their first album, Volume One (2008). Well, out came their second album called, Volume Two, and a new video for their single, “Don’t Look Back”. Directed by Jeremey Konner. This video plunges you into a completely retro-futuristic setting, even though Zooey is influenced with an older singing style.  Here, we see Zooey showcase her ‘other talent’, singing. Enjoy.