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NVRMND Coffee Table Chronicles: The Lost Photos of The Beatles, by Larry Marion

As promised, our dearly agenda known as “NVRMND Coffee Table Chronicles” is now back and here to stay. We come, for the second time this week, with another amazing coffee table book to spice up the ambient of your living room.

Larry Marion, recently put together a 192-page hard cover book, featuring 900 plus photos of the legendary Rock Band known as The Beatles. The book has extreme character, as the photography collection represents the side of the band that was more behind the scenes, and reveals a more humanistic side of each of the band members.

If you’re a fan, obviously, I would recommend to get yourself a copy of this book, not only for the superb photography but also because in a few years you will be holding onto something of extreme value (not only in terms of price). On that note, make sure you get your cash and credit cards ready because these will run out fast; they are only around 20 bucks now so might as well. The book was published by Harper Collins.

Hit the jump for more pictures.

– LetsKillAndre (more…)


Demanding classes and papers out the ass have prevented me from getting to you guys with my music of choice recently, but I have a tasty little surprise for you all. I’ve been really digging Jazz lately, but of course.. my Jazz has to have a kick. Electro-Swing/Electro-Jazz/Gyspsy-Jazz are the classiest genres to date. It stays under the surface cause it doesn’t have that bangin’ bass line that clubs require, but I managed to find some exceptionally talented artists to share with you all on this fine evening. 3 Artists tonight.


These guys were giving away their tracks for free for a while, until it went global. Their music is so unique. We use computers for music so we can create something that no one has ever experienced, and that’s exactly what Analogik accomplished. Beauty at its essence. Download:

Gypsy Doodle – Analogik

God Russik – Analogik



Classy Jazz right here. Solid thump on the drums, with some rhythmic sax to  bring you back to the 30’s, which was no doubt the goal of this artist. Jazz was a gentleman’s art then though; they make it a little dirtier. “You can feel it in your heart.” Fits our generation quite well. Enjoy:

Bad Boy Good Man – Tape-Five

What is Jazz? (Tape-Five Remix) – Club de Belugas


Caravan Palace:

BY FAR MY FAVORITE. Straight gypsy music, but that kick completely changes the feel of the music. I’d almost consider these songs club worthy frankly. DJs, play these early, earn some style points, and tear crowd apart.

Bambous – Caravan Palace (Tap Dancing intro.. Oh yeah.)

La Caravane – Caravan Palace

Star Scat – Caravan Palace (Those are considered lyrics? Dope nonetheless.)


– 3ldjnd

Video of the Week: Ye Olde New York Subways

For the video of the week we have this pretty cool clip of the hustle and bustle of New York subways way back in 1986. I have to say, this shit looks like it sucked pretty badly. Back before New York a “clean train” policy into place subways used to be a lot grungier/rape-ier. I know that if I had to ride on those everyday I would have at least a couple of concealed weapons hidden inside my anus.

Justice “Civilization” Video Teaser And Single Release

Some Say that hype means nothing, but when it comes down to this French duo I think that the hype is definitely worth it. Here is the (very short, I know) video teaser to their single “Civilization”, which has also been featured in the new Adidas “All In” Campaign.

Also, make sure you get it for your iTunes library, I mean, if you consider yourself a true fan make sure to BUY it for your iTunes library. Here:


– LetsKillAndre

Mega Mystery Band – “On A Train”

A little about Mega Mystery Band.

You don’t know who we are but you’re gonna love what we do. We are everywhere and nowhere at the same time, we are every artists, we are no one, we believe that music is stronger than fame. We want you to enjoy our music and maybe try to discover who is behind the Mega Mystery Band…

Here’s a video for their track, “On A Train”. Enjoy the glowing paint and “band” that performs to an audience. Who is who?! Hmmm. I’ll tell you this. They are “LIKED” by Justice, DJ Mehdi, Digitalism, and a few other Ed Banger Artists.

— leahknowesy

Parenthetical Girls – “The Pornographer”

Parenthetical Girls. New video for their new track “The Pornographer”. This recording appears on the limited edition EP entitled “Privilege, pt. III: Mend & Make Do, the third in a series of limited-edition 12inch EPs from the band. I think the video is about a blow job, but apparently it’s about stages of ecstasy. I’ll let you guys decide.

— leahknowesy

Cults – “You Know What I Mean”

Cults. A boy / girl duo from San Diego that live in New York. Film students. Like Monarchy, the band remains a mystery. Their 60s retro pop sound hit the blogosphere with a killer track called “Go Outside” and a video that stars Dave Franco. After that, more of them was revealed. They just released their new video for the track “You Know What I Mean”. The track has a 50s nostalgia feel to it. And they kill it again — these kids are the REAL deal.

Check it.

Check out more of their tracks on the bandcamp site.

— leahknowesy