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Danny MacAskill Plays Capetown

A truly amazing video featuring the skills of pro street trials rider Danny MacAskill as he slides around Capetown. This guy has balls of steel. No joke, see for yourself (and be sure to turn that HD on):

My one complaint would be the music selection. It was nearly unbearable and simply did not fit the style of the video. Still, a visually stunning video nonetheless.


The 100,000 Dollar Room

What can you do with the $100,000 prize money and a solo exhibition in the Guggenheim Museum after winning the Biennal Hugo Boss Prize? The first thing that comes to mind is to ignore the exhibit and blow all the money on a fancy car, or by stocking up on drugs, or  getting a handful of ritzy prostitutes every night for a week straight. However, conceptual artist Hans-Peter Feldmann ignored every man’s gut feelings and went a different route; He decided to paper the walls (and support beams) of his allotted space with $100,000 in one dollar bills.

The money will up until November 2, 2011, so be sure to check it out if you can. Also, if you speak German and like poorly formatted websites, check out Feldmann’s. I like the red on gray action he has going on.

I’ll leave you with an intriguing quote by Solomon Guggenheim regarding Mr. Feldmann’s room: “Bank notes, like artworks, are objects that have no inherent worth beyond what society agrees to invest them with, and in using them as his medium, Feldmann raises questions about notions of value in art. But his primary interest in the serial display of currency lies less in its status as a symbol of capitalist excess than in its ubiquity as a mass-produced image and a material with which we come into contact every day. At its core, this formal experiment presents an opportunity to experience an abstract concept—a numerical figure and the economic possibilities it entails—as a visual object and an immersive physical environment.”


NVRMND Picture of The Week

Rapha Continental – The Movie

Rapha is a unique cycling brand. They produce some of the highest-quality apparel for riding out there in their own understated way. Beyond that, though, they are always involved in some cool projects that demonstrate their true commitment to the sport of cycling.

One such endeavor is the Rapha Continental, a group of riders that is ambitiously riding just about every road (gravel and paved) they can find in the US. The mission is to eventually collect photos, videos, and numerical data from all the rides they do in order to build a database of the best routes in the country.

Rapha recently released a video that highlights some of the Continental team’s travels in 2010. They manage to, in under 20 minutes, show some of the absolute best cycling footage I have ever seen, and combine it with excellent commentary from the riders. They highlight the suffering, the adventure, and the fun of the Continental project, and the result is inspiring. Check out the video for the bikes, the video production, and the awesome shots of some remote locations across the US.


Gimme Some Sugar

Shot by Vadim Gershman and Ryan Powell, this new video for Phaseone’s track Sugar, is weird as fuck. The spacey ambient track is backed by sped up visuals of cars moving through Chicago as a series of text messages on-screen play out the most desperate conversation ever. Weird shit. But for some reason I have watched this video over 10 times in the past two days. If youre feelin it, give Phaseone some love on his facebook page.


Justice: “Civilization” Music Video

Here at NVRMND we’ve had plenty of coverage bout the extreme hype over the return of Justice with they’re new hit single “Civilization”. The video features pretty outstanding visuals and a narrative that, i think, perfectly fits the song. Enjoy:

– letskillandre

Beautiful Song.


Clearly I might be a little biased toward RealBoy, but whenever they come to me with a song and ask for my critical opinion, I do not hesitate to tell them it isn’t good. I have never praised their work more than now. This song is absolutely perfect. All of the sounds coordinate to create the ambiance of a friendly alien arrival, which contrasts nicely with the terror filled vocals. Most electronic music now-a-days lacks any emotional value. It’s truly just a bunch of beeps, and although that can be quite rewarding when those beeps are “greasy” or “dirty,” I find the real fulfillment to come from songs that hit you in the heart with sounds that truly make you feel. I present a song that pulls strings in multiple sectors of the brain and the heart:

There is a second drop at about 2:40, if you somehow get bored, make sure you wait.