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Nameless – “Angelina” Video

New French pop/rock sensation, NAMELESS, just released a video for their new single, “Angelina”, off their self-titled EP. Directed by Agathe Riedinger, uses slow motion to emphasize the power of emotions which are evoked in this clip by the four piece band who each try to fight to win Angelina’s affection. They won’t disappoint, trust me (they’re all so sexy). Enjoy!

You can also see the ‘making of’ “Angelina”

Check out their website, add their myspace, follow them on twitter and join them on facebook.

— leahknowesy

Video of the Week: Skulls and Flowers

For this week’s “Video of the Week” I have for you the artist stylings of a Mr. Paul Alexander Thornton. He is truly a gifted artist, and just to add to the whole “I’m a boss” theme he has going on, many of his pieces are done it ballpoint pen, leaving little to no room for error. The video is sped up and features Mr. Thronton  working on this piece, which is entitled “Skulls and Flowers”. It should be noted that he made the song that plays in the video as well. Check it out:



Honestly, at this point I’m just seeing how long of a streak I can go on before I can’t write about good rap groups/rappers from New York anymore. Gravediggaz are like, legendary good. Lyrics that are dark as fuck but not some basic I.C.P. kill kill kill shit. This, yet again, NY rap group’s roster is: The Undertaker (Prince Paul),The Gatekeeper (Frukwan), The Grym Reaper (Too Poetic), and The Rzarector (RZA) all great rappers by themselves, together make a nice lil supergroup. Here are two songs from their first album “6 Feet Deep” PUT THE SPEAKERS UP TO YOUR EARS AT FULL VOLUME:

Nowhere to run, Nowhere to hide

Diary of a Madman (feat Shabazz the Disciple and Killah Priest)

-Hard Denim Jeans


High 5 Collective Presents: “Transylvania” – Tyler, The Creator (Unofficial) Video

Since the phenomenon of rape seems to be more and more popular in modern hip hop, this group of skaters and artists, also known as High 5 Collective, recently produced an unofficial video to Tyler, The Creator’s “Transylvania”, off his latest, “Goblin”. The video is the pure epidemic of what puts OFWGKTA under the label of “shock value music”: skating, drugs, braking things, fighting, and yeah… raping bi**hes; I mean, women. The video is well produced, but, most importantly it shows how much Odd Future has influenced the way and means our generation puts its art out as. Anyway, enjoy:

Tyler, the Creator – Transylvania (music video) from High5Collective on Vimeo.

– LetsKillAndre


Company Flow

The OG Supreme sporters.

Company Flow is a Brooklyn based rap group that started in 1993 consisting of members: EL-P, Mr. Len, and later Bigg Jus. The three signed to Rawkus Records and released their first full album “Funcrusher Plus” in 1997. The group toured for a while until Bigg Jus decided to go off and see where is solo career went. El-P and Mr. Len released an instrumental album later titled: “Little Johnny from the Hospitul”. Afterwards the group pretty much fell apart, however, recently there has been rumors of a reunion and possibly another album. Funcrusher Plus is a fucking revolutionary rap album and Company Flow is a fresh ass rap group and so for those of you that have not heard of them you need to at least listen to these two songs from Funcrusher Plus:

8 Steps to Perfection



so. fucking. ill.

-Hard Denim Jeans



NVRMND 2011 Edition: “Constantly Day-Dreaming”

Well, today’s the day. Our second season is finally here and ready for your grubby little hands to snatch up. We’ve been working on this set of clothes for quite a while now,  and while it is not insanely extensive we do have a few gems for you to throw on. It’s taken a bit a of a toll on us, with friends and family complaining about being neglected, or when we’re with them, complaining about our minds being elsewhere. But they can take one for the team, we did it for you (and a little for ourselves) so take a look and know that we have more stuff planned for you in the near future.

Anyway, we’ve got some shots of the new season (featured below), check them out.

To start we have the “Constantly Day-Dreaming” Denim Jacket. It’s made from distressed denim that was hand treated, meaning each piece is one of a kind. The lining is 100% silk (crazy soft)  so your skin won’t get roughed up (for all you kids with sensitive skin). This piece is quite limited, meaning no more than 50 will be released worldwide. Better cop it quick while they’re still in stock, and with a lining that slick they won’t last long.

Underneath that beautiful denim jacket we have the “Classic Logo” Tee. Following the old standard of quality over quantity we are releasing only 30 of these a year. Tastefully understate, the the “Classic Logo” Tee says “I slay hoodrats regularly, what of it?”.

Now we come to our “Poor Boy” crewneck that just reeks of elegance. Seriously, you’ll be hard pressed to find a crewneck that makes you feel cute in all of the right ways. Another piece that’s super limited, only 30 of each colorway will be released. It’s worth the purchase just for that stylish breast pocket. It comes in heather gray or navy blue.

The second colorway of the “Poor Boy” crewneck. It’s perfect for those cool, breezy summer nights, and the pocket is great for stashing your illicit item(s) of choice.

For all of you cat lovers we have the “Leopard Print” Tee, and at the risk of sounding effeminate this piece is pretty damn fierce. I guess that’s not a bad thing, seeing as fierce is a quality that you’d find in big cats like Leopards. And since we’re on the topic of big cats, that big cat Kreayshawn was seen sporting this Tee a little while back in one of our “NVRMND’s Friends” articles. Man, I would wife her in a second if she let me, and I question your manhood if you wouldn’t do the same.

Last but not least we have the “Safety” button down shirt. It’s a big time head turner and features some opened safety pins, showing that you’re a little edgy, but that you also play it safe (so you don’t scare off the ladies).  This piece is super limited, with only 25 being released this season. We also have another one bad boys in a blue colorway (same design) coming out in the near future, so if you miss out on this one you don’t have to worry about whether or not you have enough baby aspirin to end your suffering just yet.

So as you can see we have a super limited season and unfortunately for some of you it is on a first come first serve basis. On the plus side, you’ll find in the store that we have quite a bit of patches and pins for you to throw on your gear if you are unable to snag a piece of your own. Also, keep an eye out for some of the Tees from last season. We’ll be rereleasing some of those later in the season.

Be sure to follow us on twitter (as well as the rest of the crew), as well as visit our facebook page, and most importantly check out the store (we’ve been revamping it for the past couple of months now).

Photo credit goes to the ever talented Nicolas Luciani.

Buy NVRMND 2011 Edition, Part I : “Constantly Day-Dreaming”

– Oogie the Fiend

Bullett Magazine x Mark The Cobrasnake Interview

Probably the most notoriously known party photographer of our generation, Mark “The Cobrasnake” Hunter recently caught up with Bullett Magazine for a rather interesting interview. Mark, in fact, made sure to convey his “weirdness” while talking about his carrier in the photography industry and private life. Overall this is a must see, both because of we get a deeper peak into The Cobrasnake’s life, and because we get to see a selection of his distinct photography. Enjoy:

For more visit or follow Mark on Twitter.

– LetsKillAndre