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NVRMND Picture of the Week

Frank Ocean: “Thinking About You”

Wolf Frank Ocean is here to delight us again with a new track titles “Thinking About You”. Ocean has been taking huge steps lately, with his single Novacane pretty much being played everywhere on the radio, the success of his Mixtape “Nostalgia: Ultra” (which, as we’ve said before, will be re-released, as a new re-mastered version named “Nostalgia/LITE”) and collaborations with big artists such as Beyonce, Jay-Z and Kanye West; word on the streets is that he will be also be featured on Watch The Throne. Anyways, here is “Thinking About You”, perfect for those late nights sitting back at home, sipping on whatever your drink of preference is. Enjoy:

– LetsKillAndre

Video of the Week: 1000fps Cornering

This week I have something a little more near and dear to my heart for you guys to watch: high speed motorcycle racing at a high frame rate. I have to say, I love the motorcycle world and pretty much everything related (minus the whole Harley hemisphere) and now that it’s coming in higher definition one can really get a solid appreciation of the feats these guys are preforming. I mean, they’re going around a race track at an average of 120 mph and have to shift from a vertical position to a lean angle of 65 degrees in under a second. Shit gets a little bucky sometimes too, with riders high-siding and basically being rocketed off their bikes at high speeds. Just watch this clip of Australian rider and current world champion Casey Stoner as he takes us through a tight turn:


Lucky for us Red Bull Moments films stunts like this at 1000 frames per second for our amusement.


Björk Presents: “Crystalline” Video (Directed by Michel Gondry)

After recently announcing her new, upcoming project titled “Biophilia”, talended Icelandic singer  Björk delights us with a new video for her single “Crystalline”. The track’s main strength is the juxtaposition between the minimalistic beat and her voice. Björk keeps it real, and shows us that she is still capable of shaking up the game. The video, directed by Michel Gondry, also deserves props as it perfectly and originally accompanies the song. Enjoy:

– LetsKillAndre

Do You Have the Trippple Nippple? Meet Trippple Nippples

Ok, in all honestly, I have never been a fan of Japanese Pop. Actually, Japanese music in general. No I’m not a racist, I actually think that most things that come out of Japan are extremely cool and avant garde, and that, in other words, nobody can really fuck with Japan. But still, I always thought their popular music kind of sucked. Most bands are way too corny, and instrumentals sound like they were made for or taken out from  “Hello Kitty”. But what really makes me dislike it is that I was never a fan of artists who use multiple languages in the same song, there’s too much of a change in the harmony of piece, and Japanese bands do that a lot.

All of this to actually announce that I finally found a band from Japan that I truly love: Trippple Nippples. These girls, who have been around for a while now in Japan, take that stereotypical sense of the Japanese pop band and mix it with their punk/rock/electro influences to create the one of a kind project that Trippple Nippple really is. Good baselines, and fast rhythms serve as back up to the screaming trio’s voices. Well thought, deep lyrics that actually make sense (fucking finally), give that extra mark to the listener to relate to their music while dancing frenetically to the beat. Plus, apparently their shows are out of the norm good. They are not the average live set, but get transformed into a pure, almost theatrical performance: perfect for a club atmosphere, plus the Nippples like to perform down on the dance floor along with their audience. They are also in charge in designing their own outfits. These. Bitches. Go. Crazy.

More on Trippple Nippples on their website HERE. Or check out some music after the jump:

– LetsKillAndre (more…)

NVRMND Picture of The Week

Stinkfish Hits London

I haven’t talked about street art recently (mostly due to being insanely busy) but while perusing my usual channels looking for some interesting pieces this came up and I felt like sharing. Colombia based street artist Stinkfish was recently seen in London painting this outlandish piece. His use of color and movement rarely ceases to amaze me.

More pictures after the jump!