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Shlohmo – “Just Us” Video

“Night time back yard noises” …. would be the perfect description for, Shlohmo, electronic/soul artist from LA. Just dropped the music video for his track “Just Us” featuring stacked tvs, and kaleidoscope effects. Directed by Arthur Chance. Can check him out at the Bad Vibes release party on Sep 23 @ the Downtown Independent. Enjoy.



500 People in 100 Seconds

Filmed in Israel, this video of the week features 500 people holding 1,500 photos, making an easy, fluent music video. Watch:

Music: “Malinkovec Valzer” by Maxmaber Orkestar (

Made by Eran Amir (

NVRMND Picture of The Week

REVOK x RIME x ROID Present: “Perseverance”

Lately the city of Los Angeles has been giving street artists and urban designers the recognition they deserve. Following “Art In The Streets” (which, by the way, if you missed, you’re a total idiot), we now have “Perseverance”, featuring RVCA artists Revock, Rime, and Roid. The exhibit, hosted by Known Gallery is definitely something worth checking out as each one of the artists’ work, for as different as it is, perfectly collides together into a conglomeration of one of the multiple sides of urban/street art. The expo will be open to the public until September 10th, if you’re in the area (441 North Fairfax Avenue) make sure you check it out.

Via HypeBeast

– LetsKillAndre


Video of the Week (Runner Up)

It’s a twelve second clip so I didn’t think it earned the video of the week slot, but this video is still too fucking good. I wonder what it would be like to be propositioned by the President of the United States to make and practice a secret handshake with him. Anyway, watch Obama keep it real:


Video of the Week: Gymkhana 4

Ignoring the misleading title, this video is the third installment of the Ken Block/DC Shoes “Gymkhana” drift movies. This time it features Ken Block tearing ass around the backlots of Universal Studios (not gay sex) with high production value effects and and more burnt rubber than the entire country of Vietnam (they burn a lot of their trash). Anyway, the Gymkhana series speaks for itself, so I shouldn’t need to say much more. Give it a watch:

Directed by Ben Conrad


The 2012 Pirelli Calendar (ft. Kate Moss and Other Girls That Don’t Really Matter)

I am pretty sure that most of the guys on here are familiar with the notorious Pirelli  Calendar. Not because of their high performance tires, but because of the naked ladies that get featured in each of the months’ pages. Anyways, the 2012 edition is very special to us because it features someone who is very, very dear to us… yeah, you know it, we’re talking about none other that Kate Moss (well, honestly, she’s just very dear to me, but you know what? I’m going to talk on behalf of everybody else on the NVRMND and not give a fuck about it). Moving on, Pirelli recently released some pictures to kind of tease us and give us a preview of what their 2012 calendar is going to be like. The pictures are NSFW, even though I’m sure none of you reading this actually has a job… bastards. Enjoy:

– LetsKillAndre