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Our House Records presents: Realboy and Niteppl

Realboy and Niteppl are two artists that we’ve all had our eyes on for a while here at NVRMND, and boy do we love seeing them get a high quality release over at Our House Records. They’ve been stirring up the scene in San Francisco, playing with Dada Life, Sebastian, LeCastleVania, FUKKK OFFF, Lazrtag, and many more. Incorporating styles unique to the electronic scene, like some high quality electro scene, and some audio engineering that makes me ears tingle with vibrations. Truly tasty.

Regarding Realboy, they’ve been releasing tracks consistently for 2 years now, and somehow they manage to sneak in tracks that I’ve never seen before in this package of swingy bangers. These guys are busy, passionate, and fucking talented. I never thought an artist could maintain such evil in some of their tracks, while deviating so far with swing that ports you to the 30s. I saw them live in SF during my stay, and they mixed warp 1.9, with an old school swing track. How? Do not question it. They gave the show a feel that has probably never been done, and they’ll continue to follow this trend. It’s clear how unique this artist is.

Realboy’s Early Works

Niteppl.. boy. They gained my full respect when they were playing a live DJ set, and busted out a blues guitar, live, incorporated into electro. Holy fuck. The crowd screamed Justice when they first came onto the stage with their heads down in the leathers. This group has style. The first time I heard their single Ghosts of their Ghosts EP, I could not get the lyrics out of my head. The vocals are vile, and the bassline compliments it so well. Stoked to hear more from this duo, but for now, we must wait with a remix EP of their single Ghosts.. Get it.

Niteppl’s Ghosts


Fool’s Gold – Wild Window

Fool’s Gold released their official video for Wild Window earlier today, and the lighting in this thing is fucking sweet. Watch them groove down to their own track, it’s pretty nice to see people enjoy music so much.

Fool’s Gold – “Wild Window” from Paul Tao on Vimeo.



Siriusmo at HARD

Siriusmo is my most respected eletronic artist. He completely neglects his income from his music, as long as he has enough food on his table. If he doesn’t have enough food on his table, he tries to make money through an art program where he spray paints people murals. If that doesn’t work out, he resorts to construction. With such talent, you’d wonder why he wouldn’t just make an awesome live set and go on tours. He could make 100 thousand a year, easily. He doesn’t enjoy the persona that all people assume live performers have, he has difficulty revisiting the emotions he invests into his songs, and of course, he has some stage freight. He claims it “conflicts with personal interests.”

BUT, this weekend we will all be able to see him perform on Saturday at HARD Summer at 9:20 – 10:20. This happens rarely, and I’m surprised the promoters got him booked for such a huge event. He typically gets dragged along with Modeselektor, his label manager and good friend, to very low-key clubs in Germany. A festival in the U.S. though? Fuck yes.


Night by Night (Siriusmo Remix) – Chromeo

High Together (CD Edit) – Siriusmo

Feromonikon (CD Edit) – Siriusmo

Quick Demo of his in Studio Hardware: the Korg Trident from 1983


New release: Subs + Highbloo = Don’t Stop

Ok, I’ll admit we aren’t necessarily early on this, but “Don’t Stop” been sitting in my iTunes for about a week now, and it’s become one of my most favored tracks. Last year we had Barbara Streisand in late may, right before the Summer feel hit, and this one is replacing its role very nicely. Highbloo has been an artist that I’ve had my eye on for a while. He’s popped up in Mumbai Science’s mixes regularly, and Lektroluv is really giving him more attention recently. The Subs on the other hand, have always been massive. Sporting a full live set with guitars, drums, basses, and a fucking keyboard guitar, they’ve had my respect since I heard their first hit Mistubitchi, and “Don’t stop” only makes me love them more. It was released on their new album “Decontrol,” which can be purchased here. (Worth it. They’re gods.)

Here’s the video: (honestly, it’s no Ed Banger quality, but it’s awesome nonetheless)

Download: Don’t Stop (Feat. Highbloo) – The Subs



Time to Change part 1 (original mix) – Highbloo


FAVORITE TRACK BY THE SUBS: (excluding Don’t stop..)

Spikkeltjes feat. Faberyayo (The Subs Remix) – Boemklatsch



A planet with an Earth-like environment.

I will preface this topic with the disclaimer that many things could go wrong with the observation of something that is 20 light years away, but nonetheless, this shit is fun to think about. We have confirmed temperatures for the planet Gliese 581d, and its atmosphere is said to have stable amounts of Carbon-Dioxide. This isn’t anything that could be useful, considering it would take hundreds of thousands of life times to even get to the planet, it’s just odd to think that there is a planet relatively close to us that has a similar environment. It orbits a red-dwarf star, so the skies would constantly be in red and murky, and it has twice the gravitational pull as Earth, so, if any life lives there, it’s all probably very close to the ground, and probably has eyes on its head.

If we could travel the speed of light, somebody would have to commit 20 years of their life to just get to the planet, which is far out of our reach with current technology. But, there’s other shit out there, and considering the universe is 150-Billion light years in diameter, finding a hospitable planet only 20 light years leaves some pretty tasty possibilities for the rest of the universe and its inhabitants.



NVRMND’s 3ldjnd’s purpl3 #4 (MIX)

Hey there cats. A little while ago I claimed that I would start making mixes for you guys, as long as I managed to get my gear. Well, I’ve finally obtained it, and I recently completed a set. It’s a mini-mix, although the structure was maintained. It starts off fairly groovy, easing from Quicker (Shook remix) to the unbearable aggression of a Modek remix. There are tracks featured by Supabeatz, Modek, Van She, Shook, Fake Blood, and Siriusmo. I’ve shown it to some friends and fairly experienced DJs so far, and I have yet to get a negative response, so I hope you enjoy.

TRACKLIST (in order):

Alchemy – Supabeatz

Master & Slave (Van She Tech Remix) – Vandroid

Quicker (Shook remix) – I Blame Co Co

Blaue Sonne – Siriusmo

Too much Too much (Fake Blood remix) – Hot Chip

Chick Flick (Siriusmo remix) – Zombie Nation

Megatron (Modek Remix) – The Mastertrons

Feed my Meatmachine – Siriusmo

NVRMND’s 3ldjnd’s purpl3 #4 (MIX) .zip


Beautiful Song.


Clearly I might be a little biased toward RealBoy, but whenever they come to me with a song and ask for my critical opinion, I do not hesitate to tell them it isn’t good. I have never praised their work more than now. This song is absolutely perfect. All of the sounds coordinate to create the ambiance of a friendly alien arrival, which contrasts nicely with the terror filled vocals. Most electronic music now-a-days lacks any emotional value. It’s truly just a bunch of beeps, and although that can be quite rewarding when those beeps are “greasy” or “dirty,” I find the real fulfillment to come from songs that hit you in the heart with sounds that truly make you feel. I present a song that pulls strings in multiple sectors of the brain and the heart:

There is a second drop at about 2:40, if you somehow get bored, make sure you wait.