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More Than Machines Video Trailer

I must say, I’m really not into wakeboarding, maybe its the amount of rednecks in the sport that are only surpassed by the number of rednecks in dirt biking, maybe its the towing of myself behind a giant blender usually driven by someone with below average IQ, I dont now. But I saw this teaser video recently of TransWorld WAKEboarding’s new video and its pretty goddamn impressive. The trailer for this video is really well shot, it seems with big companies like Nike 6.0 that they had a nice large budget to make the rest of the video easy to look at as well.  For the record these guys are not actually wakeboarding, they’re wakeskating which looks way more difficult and also much cooler, so that definitely helps keep it more interesting. Check it out:


Looks pretty damn fun right?

-Hard Denim Jeans

Streets is Talking

The guy directly above in the mailbox is Ian Reid. Ian is doing something (at least I think) that is incredibly awesome with a video camera. He’s making videos of the oddities that happen around him on a daily basis through skateboarding.

This is kind of the original video of it before “Streets is Talking” started coming together, he explains the idea and how it began pretty well in this: 

The trailer for his new video called “Streets is Talking” seems like there are more clips of him looking for weirdness wherever he is and not just waiting for crazy shit to happen around him and I am beyond excited to see it. check it out: 

Looks sick right? Here are some more miscellaneous clips if you liked it too much and wanna keep watching: 

-Hard Denim Jeans

Gou Miyagi: Goin H.A.M. for Japan

The best description I’ve heard of Gou Miyagi would be calling him an “avant-garde” skateboarder. I’ve been checking out clips of him on the internet for a little while now and I’d have to say, style wise, this guy is pretty goddamn buckwild. Hailing from Japan, he is definitely showing people that it is still possible to have a very personal and unique style in this sport. Check him out:

Pretty next level right?

-Hard Denim Jeans

Action Bronson

Queens born rapper Action Bronson is kinda blowing up right now. This XL white dude looks closer to Big Pun but raps a lot like Ghostface and kills it lyrically. There’s something about the way he raps over soulful beats that makes it impossible to not like most of his songs. His debut album “Dr. Lecter” dropped on March 15th and since then he’s been gaining recognition steadily from hip hop greats all over the place. He even did a collab with Ghostface Killah on the Wu-Tang album “Legendary Weapons” earlier this year.

This song “Brunch” is off his new album “Dr. Lecter” and is produced by Tommy Mas (he actually produced every track on the album). It is fucking heeeaat.


-Hard Denim Jeans

Jeremy Ellis x Native Instruments

I recently viewed this video of Jeremy Ellis doin his thing on youtube and it has confirmed 2 things for me. 1: I know what my next purchase is when I stop spending all my money on weed 2: White people can get pretty funky even if at first glance they look a little bit like a pedophile.

The Maschine Mikro made by Native Instruments is an affordable $349.99 for all you aspiring dudes in trenchcoats with crazy fast hands that want to make beats. ARAABMUZIK YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED

-Hard Denim Jeans

KMD: The Birth of MF DOOM


Known as KMD for either: “Kausing Much Damage” or “a Positive Kause in a Much Damaged society”, this rap group was the beginning of MF DOOM as Zev Love X. Him, his younger brother DJ Subroc, Rodan, and Onyx the Birthstone kid made up KMD as a group of teenage rappers living in New York in the early 90’s. They were young and less refined as a rap group but they most definitely had some seriously under appreciated talent on the mic. Its really awesome to see how Doom was as a rapper when he was first starting and before the untimely death of his brother (RIP DJ Subroc)


Song: Peach Fuzz

Album: Mr. Hood


Song: What a Nigga Know Remix (feat. MF Grimm)

Album: Black Bastards


Song: Hum Rush

Album: Mr. Hood

I’m kind of obsessed with the beat on this last one


-Hard Denim Jeans


So Ill finally write about a west coast rap group for a change.

There is pretty much no music to be proud of from my home area. The 805 area code has almost all garbage coming out of it with the exception of Lootpack. Members Madlib, Wilchild, and DJ Romes make up the trio that is signed to Stones Throw Records. They have only one official album “Soundpieces: Da Antidote” but they continue to make music together and all of it is dope as fuck. Check a few of their songs out:

Whenimondamic: The music video for this song is beyond great.

Laws of Physics:

only good rap group to come out of Oxnard/ the 805 ever.

-Hard Denim Jeans