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“Metamorphosen” by Atelier Olschinsky

Last November, we featured a series of illustrations by Viennese design house Atelier Olschinsky. While their work is universally excellent, their recent series Metamorphosen really caught my eye. Check out the whole collection here, or head over to their website for more visual stimulation.


The D.A. – “Laos”

El Paso, TX-based indie rock band The D.A. just released a video for their single “Laos” their upcoming LP “You Kids!” which is set to be released on February 28. Look out for these guys getting big in the near future. Armed with an iPhone and a whole lot of creativity they’ve done a great job on this vid. Check out the album here on iTunes and get more info at the band’s Facebook page.


Stinner Frameworks Revisited

A little while ago we featured a piece about friend and framebuilder extraordinaire Aaron Stinner here at NVRMND. Since then, Aaron has continued honing his craft and is putting together some really remarkable bikes. These days with so much of what we use and consume is made overseas and without passion so it’s a breath of fresh air to see someone invested in what they love. The following video really illustrates Aaron’s vision and is worth watching for the production value alone. Enjoy!


Hero (or what you can do with 3.2 million ink dots)

Artist Miguel Endara recently released this video featuring himself drawing a portrait of his father. The medium? Approximately 3.2 million dots of ink painstakingly applied by hand. The fact that he has the patience to make each dot in the first place is impressive, but the result is truly remarkable. Paired with a soundtrack by Bonobo the video is a winner.

[vimeo w=590]


It’s Better in the Wind

It’s Better in the Wind is the title of an ongoing photography and film project by Los Angeles artist Scott G Toepfer that has so far resulted in the production of two books, a series of prints, and the short film featured here. Along with friends, Toepfer traveled the western US on motorcycles with the goal of soaking up the scenery and living the unencumbered life.

For more info on It’s Better in the Wind, check out the official site here, otherwise be sure to check out the awesome results of the project in the following video.


Alcan Highway Trailer

Alcan Highway, a documentary film made by Aleksi Salmenperä and produced by Ulla Simonen / MADE, tells the story of a 44-year old homeless man from Finland named Hese. Dubbed “a road movie of a mobile man with mobile plans,” it follows Hese on some of his travels in Alaska where he searches for a place to finally settle down. The trailer certainly looks promising, and I for one am looking forward to the film’s planned release in Spring 2012.

[vimeo w=590 & h=420]


Toyota Prius x Parlee Concept Bike

As much as I dislike the Prius as an automobile, the Toyota Prius Projects division recently paired up with high-end bike company Parlee Cycles to develop a pretty unique concept. The Toyota Prius x Parlee concept is the first bicycle to use a shifting system that is controlled via a neuron transmitter attached to a helmet that the rider wears. Let me re-phrase that: using nothing but brain waves, the rider can shift gears. Pretty awesome technology and a glimpse into the future of what bicycle technology might look like in the coming years. Check out the video below, which has some cool footage of the machine in action along with interviews with some key players in the project including Bob Parlee. For even more info on the project, visit Prolly Is Not Probably’s step-by-step coverage.