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Video of the Week: Earl Sweatshirt is (not) Home

Is Chap Lips back from his stint in samoan rehab?


Check out his twitter: @earlxsweat .

More updates to come.

Update #1: Looks like he’s back. Rejoice!


Update #2: Here’s Earl’s weird new social network site: the answer to getting in is “Samoa”. Nothing really going on there yet…

Update #3: Well, turns out we still have to wait a while longer… No Earl, at least for the near future.


M.I.A – Bad Girls (Music Video)

Multi-talented U.K. artist M.I.A. just released the first single of her currently untitled album (which is supposedly scheduled to be released later this year). It’s a great video, directed by the ever-impressive Romain Gavras who brought us M.I.A.’s “Born Free” video, as well as Justice’s “Stress” video. Seriously, watch it. This video is legitimately badass.



NVRMND Picture of the Week

It’s good to be the king.

Justice – ON’N’ON Music Video

New video for Justice’s song “On’N’On” off their album Audio, Video, Disco. It’s directed by Alexandre Courtes, and much like anything Justice gets involved in, it is superb. Check it:



2manydjs: Under The Covers Part 2

The music gods from Soulwax just released the second installment of “Under The Covers”. Not only is a great example of their audio mixing abilities, it shows that they’re no one trick pony, and are quite capable at visual mixing as well. It’s an excellent one hour mix, check it out:




El Sicario: Room 164

We all know that Mexican drug cartels are really, really cool. Loved by all, these street angles know how to have a good time. They selflessly supply the thirsty masses with the drugs they so desperately need. Yet sometimes they go too far, and stray from their noble paths. Gianfranco Rosi’s documentary “El Sicario: Room 164” shows how easily a charitable cartel hitman can be backed into corner… much like batman. The documentary is just now gaining some attention in the states, watch the trailer here:

Think the ending of “The Dark Knight”:

“Because he’s the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we’ll hunt him because he can take it. Because he’s not our hero. He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.”

Thank you drug cartels.

-Oogie + HDJ

Nardwuar vs. Ghostface Killah

I swear, Nardwuar never ceases to impress me with his interviews. And I would pay some serious money just to listen to Ghostface read a phone book. Anyway, it’s a great interview, and it’s always fun to watch Ghost disguise articulate statements with a barrage of “nah means”. Check it: