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The Second Time Around…

If you don’t know by now, The Black Keys are pretty hot shit around these parts. The Akron based blues rock duo went from relatively unknown to positive grammy winners in a few years. With definite creativity and drive under their belt they attempted a foray into a collaboration with hip hop artists that would shake up the music industry. Blues-rock + hip hop = BlakRoc. Go run now and buy it if it already wasn’t in your possession.

Like with any good band, the chain of success must keep going. Not because of label contracts or deadlines but because work wasn’t done when the first one dropped. So….

Yeah that’s a trailer for the recently announced sequel to the awesome. Damon Dash once again presides as swag overseer while Jim Jones makes a return. The Black Keys requested a whole crew of talented dudes…Curren$y, Wiz Khalifa, and The Cool Kids to name a few. If you aren’t anxious to hear what this would sound like then there’s definitely something wrong with you. Period. Get yourself checked out by medical professionals immediately. No set dates on its release yet but my best guess would put it as sometime early next year.

Kill Confirmed


Watch This: Drive

You could say that Drive is one of those movies that I would love to watch. Not because Ryan Gosling jumped on the opportunity to play a darker and way more badass character capable of paralyzing women and making dudes hate him more. Not because the overall dark tone and superbly crafted directorship by Nicolas Winding Refn created the sexiest aesthetic I’ve seen on film in years. Not because the director is European. Not because it takes place in an honestly modern version of Los Angeles. Not because this film comes correct with the amount of violence…of which there is much.

I honestly don’t think it’s because Carey Mulligan waifed it up with her cuteness. No that can’t be it. If you ever see this movie just know that it isn’t for any of these reasons at all. It’s simply because every now and again I love a good movie in a shady ass theatre with extra sticky floors.

Kill Confirmed


New Neu Noo

Alright I swear it’s the last time. No more breaks. At least this time I have a more valid excuse. I kinda sorta maybe joined the Air Force…out of boredom. Ha. Not kidding. And no I am not a pilot.

Anywho, can’t even begin to backlog the ridiculous amount of info and whatnot I’ve been missing so I have no other choice but to start over again.

Hello, I am TheArtfulKill.

So since I’m sitting here I might as well take time to remember what home feels like. The easiest way to do that is with music. So I’m roamin’ around on the internets when I find that one of my favorite artists is releasing another album soon. yay.


Metals is another one of those albums an artist makes after their “I’m taking a break from music to work on other things I may not necessarily be good at because it’s too late in my career so I might as well keep singing” album. Jay-Z did it. Interpol did it. Any self-respecting musician will do it if they want to keep their fans. Hell, we’ve been waiting for about 5 years for her “break” to end.

There’s a nice little single out so far. Unlike her previous works it’s kinda anti-coffee shop so don’t expect to be sippin’ on mochachinos and playing with your iPad 8 while listening. It’s more like…umm…like….well listen and figure out for yourself.

I’ll be sure to stick around this time. I’ve got some pretty exciting things planned.

Kill Confirmed


March Madness…the reviews

So a couple months ago I expressed my utter excitement for the coming month of March. You may remember I mentioned something about Lykke Li, Lupe Fiasco and The Strokes releasing their long awaited albums within weeks of each other. It was like the planets were aligning or some shit. So I’ve decided to do some reviews on them. albums will be met with a points rating out of 10 and a Kill Confirmed/Denied based on album enjoyability, production quality, consistency with past work, replay value, and simply whether I liked it or not. So…

Lykke Li – Wounded Rhymes

Lykke really surprised me with this one. Her sophomore effort was promised to be more primal and natural than her first album and it pretty much was. Most (all) of the songs sound like she wrote them while makin the sweet sweet love, which we all know produces the best sounding music. Ever. The first half of the album is strictly danceable jams followed by a second half you can relax (get laid) to. This album is officially Kill Confirmed.  9.5/10

The Strokes – Angles

So The Strokes decided to get back together and make music. Yay. They promised it would be more like they’re earlier music pre-first impressions of earth era. Okay. They named it Angles because the music on it comes from all of the members and not just Julian Casablancas. Mostly.

I gotta say this album makes me smile. All of the tracks have that upbeat danceability that makes girls giggle and guys…well, watch girls giggle. The opening track “Machu Picchu” has absolutely nothing to do with the legendary Peruvian location but who cares. They’re forgiven for they’re geographical fallacy. What it does have is a hook that keeps consistency with the rest of the album. from track 2 (Under cover of darkness) and on you’ll be singing along…that is, to the lyrics you can hear through Casablancas’ frequently used vocoder. Kill Confirmed 9.0/10

Lupe Fiasco – L.A.S.E.R.S

I have mixed feelings about everything I’ve had to say about this album. I’ve gone from anger to brooding to elated and back to anger just thinking about it. For one thing I can see why Lupe himself was not quite satisfied (pissed the hell off) at the release of this album. I can see why the haters that hated on him years ago are loving him now. I can also see why he’s going to have to make a 4th to make up for this one…

My reception didn’t match up with my expectations of the release. This is seriously not the Lupe we’ve grown to love. In the beginning he was rapping about the dirty ghetto kids he lived around. Now he’s acting as their savior and official representative the world around. Nothing wrong with that I guess…he’s taking his liberties as an artist. But almost none of this piece feels like Lupe had anything to do with it. The production doesn’t have the same concept as “The Cool” and the lyrics don’t strike the same way they did on “food and Liquor”. It just doesn’t feel like Lupe. I can say though that I enjoyed listening to it. It’s always fun to hear something different from what you’re used to. But Lupe, seriously, round 4 you gotta bring it man. I’m looking forward to it. Kill Confirmed 6.5/10

Kill confirmed


The King of Limbs

So those jackasses known as Radiohead decided to release a new album. First they tell us the release date a week before it drops. A week? Seriously? That’s barely enough time to marathon through 8 albums and 3 bottles of vermouth at a well-planned RH party. To top it off they release the damn thing a day early and in a purely digital format. That is unless you can hunt down the ridiculously obscure “newspaper” edition which comes with a damn near ludicrous amount of Radio-swag.

A video was released recently for the song “lotus flower”. Rejoice as you watch Thom Yorke wig the fuck out. I’ve watched it 47 times already.

I haven’t listened to the whole thing yet but apparently you can listen to this stuff from four different angles according to the LA times. And here I thought two angles was the musical geometrical norm.

You can cream your jeans now.

Kill Confirmed

– TheArtfulKill

March madness

I think something must be right within the universe when three, yes three, albums from three of my favorite artists are released within weeks of each other. I must say I’m duly excited for this damn near cosmic event.

1. Lykke Li – Wounded rhymes – March 2nd

Lykke released her first album a few years ago. It kept me up at night. If she can do it again I’d gladly lose the sleep…I wonder…

oh…well…nuff sed.

2. The Strokes – Connections from the left – March 22nd

I don’t know if that’s what the name of the album is. Hell, The Strokes don’t even know yet. All I know is that it’s been announced, it’s done. It’s happening. One of my favorite bands is releasing yet another album that I’ve been waiting for for years. Sadly nothing is being posted as of yet to any new music and whatnot. But be patient…as soon as I hear something, you will too.

3. Lupe Fiasco – L.A.S.E.R.S. – March 8th

Oh….I’m getting tingles just thinking about it. The much delayed, much rumored, much anticipated album will finally have a set drop date since it’s almost 3 year announcement. Lupe himself posted a tweet stating “Victory!”. The victory was finding a distributor (Atlantic) to press and sell the damn thing. Now you know who to thank. But once again, nothing has been released as of yet-hold up…

I lied……….Yeah i’m a little late. He released a mixtape or whatever a few months ago. But who cares. It’s up now and you’ll love it as much as I did.

Kill confirmed.

– TheArtfulKill

Not Another Boring Monday

Finally back to this. yee.

So I’ve always heard stories of those so-called exclusive night clubs where you have to know somebody that knows somebody. Then you have to give the doorman the secret handshake/password and you’re finally granted access into a room full of caffeine fueled half buzzed socialites who haven’t seen the morning part of day in years. To live that would be off the tits but it probably isn’t for me. However….

I’ve managed to find one of these little gem’s right in the heart of the city. The name of this establishment? Bardot. So on post-rainy nights like this, more specifically every monday, this little club likes to have a free event called “school night!”. Local talent from all over the city clamor in to play sets of live music one after the other. Tonight I was privileged enough to witness one of these bands perform. Completely new to me but known to some; Lovebird. Their music is a swoony and melodic type of sound that gave me an idea of what Tool would sound like if their lead singer was female. Oh yeah, by the way, the lead singer is a chick with rock solid voice. She goes by Nicole. Buy her a drink. And check out their music.

The venue also has a large selection of established artists that perform alongside the local talent. everyone from P!nk to The Pierces has played here in a room that fits no more than fifty. Tonight we got the chance to see someone who just may become my favorite new singer-songwriter, Lucy Schwartz. The girl is dope. She’s had songs featured in a few flicks, played letterman, all that good stuff. Oh and she’s kinda cute too. Check out her site and witness her cred.

If you don’t dig her then your girl definitely will.

If seeing live music wasn’t enough to fulfill your perpetual four day weekend, then Bardot provides a weekly live DJ set in an adjacent room. Small crowds mean nobody is gonna be stealing your shit without you noticing and drinks will arrive in a timely fashion. I won’t provide any pics of the dance floor because I’d rather you go see it for yourself. Trust me it’s worth it. I don’t really even do clubs but free entertainment and dancing is a damn near perfect way to start a week…or end a weekend. So, next time you’re out rollin’ and wondering what to do on a usually boring monday, suit on up, and come on through. You’ll most likely run into me cutting some major rug or sipping on ice water while listening to the latest undiscovered shoegaze band.

Kill confirmed.

– TheArtfulKill