NVRMND’s 4th of July Sale!

We are probably all lounging this weekend. Why? Because Monday, July 4th is that glorious, full of stars, stripes and beers that Americans love to love. So, how are we going to make this even more pleasant for you guys? Simple, use code 4THMND in our online store to receive 25% discount on any of the items of our collection.


With that said, happy 4th of July to everyone.

– LetsKillAndre

Karl Lagerfeld x Kanye West x VMAN Magazine

Just as everything he is involved in, the latest issue of VMAN Magazine featuring Kanye West (and Karl Lagerfeld) will be subject of major controversy. Now, before I even start talking about the magazine, I want to get a few points across to those who always have to complain about Yeezt. You can hate on Kanye West all you want, I don’t care, as long as you do it based on something worth  hating him for; and no, making Taylor Swift cry does not count. West is a  musician, he knows how to play musical instruments, and he does it well because took him all the way to where he is now (and  and when i say instruments I’m not referring to the mouse pad on your Mac Book, because that, is not an instrument). He’s been a fashion icon for nearly a decade now, his taste is being recognized globally, think of LV without YE, or Marc Jacobs, there is pretty high chance they would be bankrupt, at least in the States, without him. And now he’s getting shot by Karl Lagerfeld, one of the biggest names in the fashion industry. And, not pull stereotypes, but those big fashion-heads won’t even look at you if you’re worth it. So please, unless you can do better musically and have the fashion industry in the palm of your hand, shut your mouth and stop diminishing people for no valid reason.

Now going back on the magazine, the concept is pretty interesting as it is equipped with a real dollar bill that was carefully placed in Yeezy’s mouth on the cover. Pictures and design are by Karl Lagerfeld, creative director of Chanel, with inspiration coming from the typical G.O.O.D. music design with juxtaposition of black and white and coral red. A few days ago, VMAN hosted an actual assembly line where models would get each mag ready and sealed. If you want to grab a copy of the issue go to the closest relailer or buy online HERE.

– LetsKillAndre

NVRMND Picture of The Week

A hair clip designed by Human Since 1982. Sort of has that berka feel to it…

“ALL GONE” 2010 Book Launch

For those of you that don’t know, ALL GONE is pretty much the Bible of streetwear, with the exception that there is no section in the book that commands you to partake in regular weird rituals, or to confess all the fucked up shit you did in your life to some guy in a black cape, or to simply hate and kill anything that you consider “different”. No heaven, no hell. No saints, no traitors, no people being crucified, nor stoned. No… no bullshit. Just the goodies. Just, as they like to call it, “The Finest of Street Culture”. A group of streetwear “connoisseurs”, with leader Michael of LaMJC pick and choose the most relevant, original and groundbreaking urban fashion pieces of the past year and put them together in what the ALL GONE collection is. Get it?

Anyways, last week was the official release of the 2010 edition of the book at MADE in Berlin. Here is a little taste of what will be featured in the book and what the party was like. Enjoy:

If you want to pick up a copy of the book, and you are not a big fish in the streetwear business, just give up. Only 500 copies are made and most are sent to celebrities and collectors, the rest usually goes for around $1000 dollars a piece, and sells out extremely fast.

– LetsKillAndre

iTunes and djays

Are you sick of your 8th grade dances lacking the music mixing and high-grade thizz you’ve come to expect  from concerts? Thankfully now you and your buddies can bathroom brew some ecstasy using THIS guide, and you can each get an iPad and then get the djay app for it. Described as giving you the ability to “take the party with you”, it is a $20 iPad exclusive app that makes it so nearly anyone can mix their favorite songs together. Watch out, ’cause when you use this faux set of decks you’ll pull in so much pussy that you’ll have to open a shelter for stray cats.

In all seriousness, this is kind of cool. In the right hands this application can actually produce so pretty solid mixes. Obviously it doesn’t live up to the same standards as working with ableton and a lemur, but you can still make some impressive stuff. Check out this guy, JME, showing off his skills:

Can’t afford the iPad and djay app? Diplo and Mad Decent came out with a free DJ app a while back, and it’s basically just as good. Here’s Diplo giving a quite little run through:

It’s perfect for holding up to the microphone and mashing with all fingers. Pick it up HERE.


Dr. Martens x Hypebeast: “50 years of Rebellion”

Hypebeast just took a little trip to England to visit the Dr. Martens store in honor of their upcoming 50th anniversary. Here is a video of the interview along with very quick footage of the production of one of their legendary Air Walk boots. Enjoy.

The brand also collaborated with 10 different modern artists and created a collection of 10 tracks and music videos that you can check out on their anniversary website.

And of course, if all of this got you in the mood to buy a pair of their shoes, visit their webstore HERE.

– NvrMndWhoCreatedYou

The Don Gallery presents: “Hello Bro!” Exhibition

The Milan-based Don Galley just presented their “Hello Bro!” exhibition. With anything from paintings, toys and installations, the exhibition is the final product of a two-year process of collecting the most influential art pieces in urban culture. With works from artists such as KAWS, Futura, SHARP, and Mike Giant, this gallery is someone you definitely want to check out…..too bad, it’s overseas.

– NvrMndWhoCreatedYou