Coffee Table Chronicles

NVRMND Coffee Table Chronicles: Bernhard Lang – Aerial Views

In this episode of the CTCs  we feature this beautiful hardcover book by Bernhard Lang, Aerial views. The book, in fact, features photos taken by Lang from a birds-eye point of view, taken during different times of the year. I always thought these kind of shots were a safe bet, since pretty much any environment seen from above has something extremely interesting to it. However, Lang’s pictures are the best I’ve seen so far of their kind. If your coffee table is looking kind of naked and you and your house guests are fans of colorful photography, then this is the book for you. Buy HERE or take a look below:

– LetsKillAndre

NVRMND Coffe Table Chronicles: Larry Sultan – The Valley

Welcome to another episode of one of our favorite agendas here on NVRMND: The Coffee Table Chronicles. This time it is The Valley‘s turn, a hard cover collection of photography by Larry Sultan. The concept of the book revolves around the San Fernando Valley (just north of LA for those of u that don’t know) and the fact that pretty much it is the Mecca of adult entertainment. More specifically, what Sultan wanted to capture is the fact that most of these adult movies are filmed in middle and upper class homes of the Valley, and what the behind the scenes of these sets look like. If you’re looking for something pornographic, this is really not the book you want to get, in fact, nudity, if any in the picture, is something very settle, and is usually not in main focus. The book is definitely a buy if you, just like us, love your coffee table. Oh, and of course great pictures. Still not convinced? Check out an excerpt from SFMOMA and some pictures from the book below, then, BUY HERE. Enjoy:

Bay Area photographer Larry Sultan’s The Valleyseries focuses on the San Fernando Valley, where he grew up, and addresses the use of ordinary homes as sets for pornographic films. In Sultan’s large-scale color photographs, mundane objects — a roll of paper towels, a stack of dirty dishes — take on new weight, and suburban life becomes a symbolically charged backdrop. The project investigates the meaning of home and asks why the ideal of middle-class domesticity lends itself to this most curious form of cultural appropriation.

– LetsKillAndre

NVRMND “Coffee Table Chronicles” – Werner Kranwetvogel: Mass Games Photo Book

Amazing book collection of photographs taken by Werner Kranwetvogel during some of the Korean Mass Games. I think here words are not needed.


NVRMND Coffee Table Chronicles: The Lost Photos of The Beatles, by Larry Marion

As promised, our dearly agenda known as “NVRMND Coffee Table Chronicles” is now back and here to stay. We come, for the second time this week, with another amazing coffee table book to spice up the ambient of your living room.

Larry Marion, recently put together a 192-page hard cover book, featuring 900 plus photos of the legendary Rock Band known as The Beatles. The book has extreme character, as the photography collection represents the side of the band that was more behind the scenes, and reveals a more humanistic side of each of the band members.

If you’re a fan, obviously, I would recommend to get yourself a copy of this book, not only for the superb photography but also because in a few years you will be holding onto something of extreme value (not only in terms of price). On that note, make sure you get your cash and credit cards ready because these will run out fast; they are only around 20 bucks now so might as well. The book was published by Harper Collins.

Hit the jump for more pictures.

– LetsKillAndre (more…)

NVRMND Coffee Table Chronicles: “New York Dick”

NVRMND “Coffee Table Chronicles” is back! You guys’ coffee tables have been looking kind of naked lately? Don’t worry, after a little brake we are now back with some new weird coffee table photography books to entertain your guests, or simply to make some conversation with that hot chick taht you have no idea how she ended up in your apartment.

How many times in your life have you wanted to make your own addition to some sort of banner, billboard, or ad posted in the streets and/or subway system? It could just be the “never-gets-old” mustache on someone’s face, or a blackened tooth, or a pirate patch. Well, “New York Dick”, as you can probably tell by the name, is a photo collection dedicated to all those banners in the New York Subway that have been altered with the addition of a sharpie-drawn penis; all in the name of art, of course. The book, is pretty humorous, but at the same time displays the longtime, extremely weird, tradition that Americans have, to just draw dicks anywhere they really can.

More pictures on the second page. (more…)

Tokyo Gets Undressed For Rikki Kasso

Rikki Kasso is an American photographer living in Tokyo. His passion and talent for photography allowed for him to become an art director, and therefore be an actual professional, not just some dude with a camera. During his spare time, Kasso loves to immortalize the scenery of the city, corner allies, dogs, and women. All these stills come from his blog and collection titled “Tokyo Undressed”.

For more hit the jusmp or visit “Tokyo Undressed” here.


NVRMND Coffee Table Chronicles: DB Burkeman “Stickers: Stuck Up Piece of Crap – From Punk Rock to Contemporary Art”

Here We are with a new episode of the NVRMND’s Coffee Table Chronicles! This time with stickers. Yeah guys, stickers. DB Burkeman put together this collections of more than 4,000 pictures all dedicated to sticker culture. With contributors of the caliber of Martha Cooper, Stanley Donwood, Shepard Fairey, Carlo McCormick, Clayton Patterson, Stephen Powers and Swoon, this coffee table book takes us on the long journey this small, sticky, ads took from the origin of pop culture to the modern day. Each copy is also numbered and contains contains 23 exclusive die-cut stickers. Just like everything in street culture, “Stickers” was produced in very limited quantities, so if you want a copy hurry up!

– NvrMndWhoCreatedYou