Common Ft. John Legend Present: “The Believer”

G.O.O.D. Music’s Common and John Legend pair their latest project titled “The Believer”. Common’s The Dreamer/The Believer comes out December 20th, but for now, enjoy:

– LetsKillAndre

Toyota Prius x Parlee Concept Bike

As much as I dislike the Prius as an automobile, the Toyota Prius Projects division recently paired up with high-end bike company Parlee Cycles to develop a pretty unique concept. The Toyota Prius x Parlee concept is the first bicycle to use a shifting system that is controlled via a neuron transmitter attached to a helmet that the rider wears. Let me re-phrase that: using nothing but brain waves, the rider can shift gears. Pretty awesome technology and a glimpse into the future of what bicycle technology might look like in the coming years. Check out the video below, which has some cool footage of the machine in action along with interviews with some key players in the project including Bob Parlee. For even more info on the project, visit Prolly Is Not Probably’s step-by-step coverage.


Lana Del Rey – “Blue Jeans” (The Internet Remix)

Odd Future the internet is apparently set to release a bunch of remixes anticipating the release of their full length EP. This time, is turn for Brooklyn based singer Lana Del Rey and her track “Blue Jeans”. It really is a promising start for The Internet, as all of their releases ’till now have been pretty much close to amazing. Keep posted as they will be releasing their first video on the 31st of this month, for their song “Cocaine”. But for now, enjoy:

Also, here is the original, keep your eyes and ears open for Lana Del Rey too. She’s so hot, oh… and talented.

– LertsKillAndre


David Blaine x Adam Kimmel Present: “Dressed for Dinner”

Designer Adam Kimmel recently paired up with illusionist David Blaine on their video project titled “Dressed for Dinner”. The footage features Blaine swimming 40 feet under water in the pacific ocean, right off the coast of the island of Guadalupe, surrounded by sharks, and doing such things as eating a banana or smoking cigars (yes, he really does smoke a cigar under water, I don’t know how, but he does). The clothes, of course, are all part of the Kimmel collection. Crazy dude, crazy situation, and crazy video. Enjoy:

Dressed for Dinner from adam kimmel on Vimeo.

– LetsKillAndre

Small Black Presents: “Moon Killer” + “Two Rivers (ft. Heems)”

Brooklyn-based Small Black announces the release of “Moon Killer” for this upcoming 11/11/11: a free mixtape characterized by dream-like beats, soft synths, and NY rap influence (at least that’s according to speculation and past releases from the band). Little Black’s style is a great mash of all genres, of past and present, and, eventually, the future of music. The band put emphasis on track “Two Rivers”, which was released today to tease the audience, featuring none other than Das Racist’s Heems, who donated a couple of freestyles and raps and is the only vocal feature of the album. Give it a listen below, and if you like it, click on that download link too. Enjoy:

– LetsKillAndre

“Young and Free” San Francisco Street Art

A couple of weeks back San Francisco became host to the “Young and Free” art show, which is the largest Australian street art exhibition in the US. While at first thought Australia  doesn’t really come off as a the top choice for street art, it actually has a booming street art scenes for multiple reasons, such as their moderate climate (no one likes getting up when it’s hot out) and the fact that ever since the 18th century they’ve been breading with criminals.

Participants in the show include notable artists like Kid Zoom, Dmote, Dabs & Myla, Anthony Lister, New2, Ben Frost, Reka,  Ha-Ha, Rone, Meggs, Sofles and Vexta and lucky for us they did an excellent job talking full advantage of the spacious area that is 941 Geary.

This is seriously just about as good as group shows get. The exhibit will run until October 22nd, so if you get a chance, jet over to 941 Geary and fucking enjoy yourself.

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Sylvia x Sims Present: “The Vice” EP

Well, our friends Sylvia (you may remember his as Henry Jackson) and Sims just released a collaboration EP title “The Vice”. The record is extremely well produced, clean sounds, great vibe, and it is clear proof that you do not need to go overboard to make some good fucking music. In other words, this is a classic. Sow some love and click that download link Enjoy:

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