Neon Indian Presents: “Fallout” Music Video

Neon Indian released an awesome music video for their track “Fallout” out of their “Era Extraña” album. The video was made in collaboration with Adult Swim, more specifically animator Lilfuchs. The visuals feature a cartoon, big-breated, Pink-haired babe driving around in her convertible: that’s some 8os animated swag right there. Enjoy:

– LetsKillAndre

The Internet Presents: “Fastlane” Music Video

After their acclaimed album Purple Naked Ladies, OFWGKTA‘s The Internet releases visuals for “Fastlane”. The video, directed by Matt Alonzo features Syd The Kid and girlfriend killng, stealing cars, and conducting armed robberies around the desert. The photography is great and works perfectly, and almost enhances, the power of the song itself. Enjoy:

Purple Naked Ladies physical copy and documentary will be out January 31st.

– LetKillAndre

James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) Presents: “Shut Up And Play The Hits”

After the unexpected last tour and brake up of  band LCD Soundsystem, James Murphy presents the first trailer for “Shut Up And Play The Hits”. The movie (documentary?), will possibly give LCD Soundsystem fans an explanation of why everything ended so unexpectedly quickly. The trailer hints at what might have been Murphy’s motivation to “prematurely” finish the band off with the phrase “If It’s a Funeral, Let’s Have The Best Funeral Ever”. Enjoy:

– LetsKillAndre

Our House Records’ MINIMIX

Our good friends over at Our House Records just released their first of a series of mini-mixes by their golden boys, Realboy. The term minimix is a bit misleading, mostly because in five minutes they feature just under 20 different songs from multiple genres, and even includes a little sneak peak of one of their new tracks. While it’s sad that this terrific mix is only five minutes long, take solace in the fact that Our House Records has promised us a new mix every Monday from their artists. Listen:

Tracklist after the jump.



Radio Soulwax Presents: “This is Belgium Part 2 – Cherry Moon On Valium”

As we all know, Soulwax always manage to impress the fuck out of everybody with every single project/thing they make. I came across this video this morning, and I honestly could not get my eyes off of it. This is funny but at the same time extremely serious, and hard. MAkes you want to put on a Reebok tracksuit, Nikes, get your ears pierced, wear a gold chain, shave your head and jump around for 59 minutes. Watch it, enjoy it.

– LetsKillAndre

Ford Models Interviews: Justice

Anticipating their album “Audio, Video, Disco”, Ford Models sat down with french duo Justice to ask them a couple of questions in regards of their carriers, personal lives, and, of course, their latest project. The interview is rather interesting, and conducted in a pretty unusual way, where the questions are only revealed at the end of the whole thing. Also, you might want to turn up your volume, as their french accent, for as hot as some of the girls might think, is kinda difficult to  comprehend (worse comes to worst just stare at Gaspard’s jacket for the whole thing). Enjoy:

Most importantly, make sure you grab a copy of Audio, Video, Disco. And by “grab” I mean buy, I’m tier of hearing so-called die hard fans that complain about how these artists can’t make top charts, tv channels, when they don’t even make the effort to help out on actual record sales. So yeah. Buy it.

– LetsKillAndre

Our House Records presents: Realboy and Niteppl

Realboy and Niteppl are two artists that we’ve all had our eyes on for a while here at NVRMND, and boy do we love seeing them get a high quality release over at Our House Records. They’ve been stirring up the scene in San Francisco, playing with Dada Life, Sebastian, LeCastleVania, FUKKK OFFF, Lazrtag, and many more. Incorporating styles unique to the electronic scene, like some high quality electro scene, and some audio engineering that makes me ears tingle with vibrations. Truly tasty.

Regarding Realboy, they’ve been releasing tracks consistently for 2 years now, and somehow they manage to sneak in tracks that I’ve never seen before in this package of swingy bangers. These guys are busy, passionate, and fucking talented. I never thought an artist could maintain such evil in some of their tracks, while deviating so far with swing that ports you to the 30s. I saw them live in SF during my stay, and they mixed warp 1.9, with an old school swing track. How? Do not question it. They gave the show a feel that has probably never been done, and they’ll continue to follow this trend. It’s clear how unique this artist is.

Realboy’s Early Works EP.zip

Niteppl.. boy. They gained my full respect when they were playing a live DJ set, and busted out a blues guitar, live, incorporated into electro. Holy fuck. The crowd screamed Justice when they first came onto the stage with their heads down in the leathers. This group has style. The first time I heard their single Ghosts of their Ghosts EP, I could not get the lyrics out of my head. The vocals are vile, and the bassline compliments it so well. Stoked to hear more from this duo, but for now, we must wait with a remix EP of their single Ghosts.. Get it.

Niteppl’s Ghosts EP.zip