Gou Miyagi: Goin H.A.M. for Japan

The best description I’ve heard of Gou Miyagi would be calling him an “avant-garde” skateboarder. I’ve been checking out clips of him on the internet for a little while now and I’d have to say, style wise, this guy is pretty goddamn buckwild. Hailing from Japan, he is definitely showing people that it is still possible to have a very personal and unique style in this sport. Check him out:

Pretty next level right?

-Hard Denim Jeans

Mr. Oizo Presents: “WRONG” Teaser Video

After the great success of “RUBBER” (which by the way, if you haven’t seen it yet, you are truly missing out), the crazy Ed Banger DJ, producer, and, of course film maker Mr. Oizo is now back with his second movie, titled “WRONG”. The film will be premiering at the 2012 Sundance Festival in 2012. Watch the teaser below:

– LetsKillAndre

“Cities” by Atelier Olschinsky

Atelier Olschinsky (“The Olschinsky Workshop”) is a joint venture of Peter Olschinsky and Verena Weiss,¬†two graphic artists and designers based in Vienna. Started in 2002, Atelier Olschinsky is responsible for some of the best graphic design and illustration I’ve seen, period. Their understated motto is “It is just so important to work as much as you can, to learn and to be open to new things,” and this approach is definitely paying off for them. The images featured here are from their “Cities” series. If you like what you see be sure to check out their catalogue for more amazing pieces, as this represents just a small portion of their body of work. Prints of their art are available at their shop, and they also have a Facebook page where you can keep updated on their latest progress.

Hit the jump for more of Atelier Olschinsky’s “Cities.”


Die Antwoord – Fok Julle Naaiers

If you’re not familiar with South African hip-hop group Die Antwoord, you should be. If nothing else their ridiculous lyrics and surprisingly catchy beats combine to make for music like nothing else out there, and you definitely won’t be confusing them for anyone else anytime soon. Love or hate their signature sound, you can’t deny that they have established a niche for themselves. Their latest video release for Fok Julle Naaiers (which roughly translates to “Fuck you fuckers”) from the upcoming album Ten$ion showcases their quirky style and is definitely worth a watch – preferably in HD. It’s as vulgar and weird as anything else they’ve done, that’s for sure. I mean seriously, profane Mike Tyson quotes forming DJ Hi-Tek’s verse while he’s wearing some kind of bizarre deformed mask?

Be sure to watch the extra interview with Ninja posted below (titled Faggot), it gives some insight into his view of artistic expression and provides some context for the group.


The Frieze Art Fair

Frieze magazine and Design collective is organizing a worldwide tour of expositions. The plan is to get some of the most amazing photography, design, and video work from contemporary artists from all over the world and have it visit the most influential metropolis on Earth. More info on the Frieze website. Following are some pictures for the fair. Enjoy:

– LEtsKillAndre

Das Racist Presents: “Relax”

After their two successful mixtapes, “Shut Up, Dude” and “Sit Down, Man“, rap/hip hip trio Das Racist is ready to release their first commercial album titled “Relax”. The album was supposed to be come out at the beginning of the year but, for some mysterious reasons, was pushed back to be released on September 13th. To keep us relaxed (yes, pun intended), however, they have their single “Michael Jackson” for sale on iTunes, and are now streaming their full length album on Spotify. You can buy Michael Jackson here (also first give it a listen below), and pre-order “Relax” here.

– LetsKillAndre



Some Unseen Photos of The London Riots

Last week the city of London was subject of some crazy riots that were started because a police officer shot and killed a teenager boy. These riots lasted for days: cars and buildings were set on fire, vandalized, and many stores were broken into, vandalized and robbed. Shit went bananas. Here are some pictures of a group guys fucking shit up at one of Carhartts dispatchers and setting a car on fire. Enjoy:

– LetsKillAndre