El Sicario: Room 164

We all know that Mexican drug cartels are really, really cool. Loved by all, these street angles know how to have a good time. They selflessly supply the thirsty masses with the drugs they so desperately need. Yet sometimes they go too far, and stray from their noble paths. Gianfranco Rosi’s documentary “El Sicario: Room 164” shows how easily a charitable cartel hitman can be backed into corner… much like batman. The documentary is just now gaining some attention in the states, watch the trailer here:

Think the ending of “The Dark Knight”:

“Because he’s the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we’ll hunt him because he can take it. Because he’s not our hero. He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.”

Thank you drug cartels.

-Oogie + HDJ

Nardwuar vs. Ghostface Killah

I swear, Nardwuar never ceases to impress me with his interviews. And I would pay some serious money just to listen to Ghostface read a phone book. Anyway, it’s a great interview, and it’s always fun to watch Ghost disguise articulate statements with a barrage of “nah means”. Check it:



Lecture: DOOM (Madrid 2011)

I’ve gotta say, Red Bull does it right. The content they provide, whether it’s covering music or extreme sports, is always amazing. It’s just because they’re such a high-profile company that they can get such exclusive content, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that they can provide interviews like this one right here:

An hour and a half long interview of none-other than the supervillain himself, MF DOOM. A truly great interview, DOOM talks about how he comes up with his immaculate tracks, talks about his early career with KMD and his brother Subroc, goes into his different aliases, and talks about what’s to come, just to mention a few of the insightful portions of the interview. As the interview goes on he starts to get more comfortable and really starts opening up, well worth spending the 90 minutes in front of the computer. Even if you’re not a fan it’s worth checking out, DOOM is hands down one of the rap game’s most interesting and influential rappers. Take some time, twirl up an L and give the video a watch.



Naurdwuar Vs. Iceage

Always great to see a new interview from Nardwuar. His unorthodox interview style is too entertaining, even when it’s some lame that somehow got blessed by his presence. This time he interviewed the controversial Danish Metal band Iceage. With foreign artists a language barrier can sometimes come up, which makes the interviewee(s) reactions to Nardwuar’s zaniness even better.  Watch:


Bullett Magazine x Mark The Cobrasnake Interview

Probably the most notoriously known party photographer of our generation, Mark “The Cobrasnake” Hunter recently caught up with Bullett Magazine for a rather interesting interview. Mark, in fact, made sure to convey his “weirdness” while talking about his carrier in the photography industry and private life. Overall this is a must see, both because of we get a deeper peak into The Cobrasnake’s life, and because we get to see a selection of his distinct photography. Enjoy:

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– LetsKillAndre

Realboy & Our House Records.

Before you check out Realboy this weekend, i got a chance to sit down with them in their home studio, and this is what we talked about.


Liberty Vintage Motorcycles

This video,  showcasing Liberty Vintage Motorcycles, manages to make a statement about our society through the framework of a motorcycle shop. Liberty Vintage is  owned by Adam Cramer of Philadelphia, and the short film shows clips of him in which he talks about his love of bikes and his observations about our youth and culture.

While I don’t think that Cramer’s message is 100% accurate, in that our generation never ceases to amaze me, he nonetheless talks about an undeniably important message. It is one that can be applied to most walks of life, and is pretty damn motivating. The real problem at hand that Cramer discusses is that of apathy and a lack of hands-on hard work. Turn on the news and there will be talk of a shitload of problems in the world. The reality is that hard work, effort, and passion serve as the necessary tools to fix a lot of the problems we encounter.

Our generation certainly has the capacity to change the aspects of the world we see as being undesirable, and this video serves as a motivator in that direction.  So don’t forget the value of working hard for what you want, and check out this video.