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Windows Presents: Best Coast in San Francisco

ImageLast week,somewhere in the depths of San Francisco a line of tech geeks and music fans (mostly tech geeks) waited impatiently in the brisk SF breeze for a preview of the latest Windows technology and an intimate session of live music with one of my favorite bands, Best Coast.   This gathering for music and technology was sponsored by Microsoft in an effort to promote their new Windows Phone. Besides free entry, guests were treated to free drinks and food and got prizes for completing social networking challenges like posting their location on Foursquare or for winning a duel of Fruit Ninja. Image All of the over stimulus made getting to the front for Best Coast a breeze, and fans were greeted with a performance so close to Bethany you could smell her perfume. Of course the musical genius of the bands production Bobb Bruno played his soft spoken yet pivotal roll beside his bandmate. Unfortunately the bands drummer Ali Koehler was not in attendance and it has been announced that for reasons beyond her control, the former Vivan Girls drummer is no longer a member of the band. Image After catching them this year at Coachella and Outsidelands let me tell you, Bethany’s can effortlessly fill a room with her brand of girly hopeless romanticism. But on this night it was something completely different, her voice sounded like something off a Vinyl, so on point I saw girls in tears in by the fourth song. Her guitar game was on point, and Bobb was out there jamming as the hundred or so Best Coast fans were given a glimpse of what music heaven is like. Image Despite the loss of Ali, I suspect all is good in the world of Best Coast as To my delight. As they came on stage Bethany announced “Hi, we’re Best Coast, and we’re going to play you some summer songs in the winter.” They opened their set with my favorite track at the moment “When I’m With You”, and avoided songs that didn’t support the up beat vibe they were on. It was like hearing the standout tracks off their debut album for the first time. “Summer Mood”, “Crazy For You”, “Our Deal”, and of course “Want You” sounded better than ever and were only rivaled by the LP itself. Image To top off the night, Bobb and Bethany were happy to announce that they’ve been working on their new album and hope to have it ready in 2012. And just like any dedicated Best Coast fan, that is all I want for Christmas.