Vice & Project X Present: Party Legends

In anticipation of “Project X“, Warner Bros. teamed up with Vice Magazine and released the “Party Legends” series. “Party Legends” features some of our favorite stars/artists/celebrities telling us their craziest party experience they ever had.

You can check out some crazy stories after the jump from Nick Swardson, Snoop Dogg, and Tyler, The Creator. For more visit Project X facebook. Enjoy:


DAZED & CONFUSED: 20 + 20 Covers Project

Dazed & Confused magazine is celebrating their 20th anniversary by releasing 20 different covers for their December issue.

In an explosive finale to Dazed & Confused’s 20th Anniversary season, magazine co-founder Rankin has photographed a series of 20 covers for the December issue, featuring new portraits of 20 iconic cover stars from Dazed’s past including Kate Moss, Tilda Swinton, Alicia Keys and Jarvis Cocker. Each unique cover has a gatefold pull out, which features 20 rising stars chosen by each celebrity, resulting in a groundbreaking portrait of pop culture heroes of the future.

Check some of our favorites below and more on their website.

– LetsKillAndre

The Frieze Art Fair

Frieze magazine and Design collective is organizing a worldwide tour of expositions. The plan is to get some of the most amazing photography, design, and video work from contemporary artists from all over the world and have it visit the most influential metropolis on Earth. More info on the Frieze website. Following are some pictures for the fair. Enjoy:

– LEtsKillAndre

NVRMND People (Things) We Like: Sneeze Magazine

Today our “NVRMND People We Like” agenda is dedicated to a thing rather than a person. But we’re sure that if we knew the people behind this project, we would definitely love them. Sneeze Magazine is for sure one of a kind in its category. If GQ were to be the manly city-living guy in his thirties, and Vice the trendy, artsy, and dry-humored hipster, Sneeze would be that skater kid who is smart and cool enough to hang out with both of them, but instead prefers to cruise through the streets, tagging walls and throwing shit at pedestrians.

With four editions published each year, this Canada and New York based magazine pretty much brakes any basic rule of how to collect and spread journalism: no binding, and over sized photography pages that serve the purpose of potential future posters for your bedroom are what Sneeze is about. Still, beautifully put together and full of great photography and interesting, out of the ordinary interviews, “SNEEZE’S mission is to expand the street inspired culture of skateboarding to unexpected references, places and images, thereby presenting to our readers an authentic guide and resource for life today.” The latest issue, # 12, which came out yesterday, features the beautiful young Kate Upton, who really you do not want to miss.

SNEEZE is available at local retailers or it can be bought or can be subscribed to on their website.

– LetsKillAndre

Bullett Magazine x Mark The Cobrasnake Interview

Probably the most notoriously known party photographer of our generation, Mark “The Cobrasnake” Hunter recently caught up with Bullett Magazine for a rather interesting interview. Mark, in fact, made sure to convey his “weirdness” while talking about his carrier in the photography industry and private life. Overall this is a must see, both because of we get a deeper peak into The Cobrasnake’s life, and because we get to see a selection of his distinct photography. Enjoy:

For more visit or follow Mark on Twitter.

– LetsKillAndre

Thrasher Magazine Presents: “Love & Guts”

For all you skaters and street culture lovers in San Francisco, Thrasher Magazine recently opened an exhibition in your city to celebrate their 30th anniversary. With the opening being last Friday, the expo will be around for the next few weeks, and features some of the most iconic pictures, art work, and collaborations that the magazine was involved in in these past thirty years. So, if you’re in the area, don’t sleep an go give it a look. For now, here is a little look of what the fuss is all about, enjoy:

– LetsKillAndre