Jake Davis Test Shots: Andrianne Ho

Previously featured here on NVRMND, Jake Davis keeps adding quality videos to his “Test Shots” Series, a compilation of videos with people wearing the latest trends around the city of New York. This time it’s beautiful Andianne Ho’s (cool name uh?) turn, wearing a res Supreme varsity jacket. Enjoy:

– LetsKillAndre

Inked Magazine and Michael Hurley Present: “A Day With Zombie Boy”

I’m sure that unless you live under a rock you are by now more that familiar with Rick Genest, aka Zombie Boy. Since he got chosen as the new face of fashion company Mugler, he became internationally known, and appeared on music videos for Lady Gaga, and on a multitude of editorials for the biggest fashion magazines around the globe. Here Inked Magazine managed to finally get Genest to talk a bit about himself and how it is to life in his own skin, which apparently is something that he’s not really used to, especially in front of a camera.

A Day with ZOMBIE [BOY] from Michael Hurley on Vimeo.

– LetsKillAndre

Ford Models Interviews: Justice

Anticipating their album “Audio, Video, Disco”, Ford Models sat down with french duo Justice to ask them a couple of questions in regards of their carriers, personal lives, and, of course, their latest project. The interview is rather interesting, and conducted in a pretty unusual way, where the questions are only revealed at the end of the whole thing. Also, you might want to turn up your volume, as their french accent, for as hot as some of the girls might think, is kinda difficult to¬† comprehend (worse comes to worst just stare at Gaspard’s jacket for the whole thing). Enjoy:

Most importantly, make sure you grab a copy of Audio, Video, Disco. And by “grab” I mean buy, I’m tier of hearing so-called die hard fans that complain about how these artists can’t make top charts, tv channels, when they don’t even make the effort to help out on actual record sales. So yeah. Buy it.

– LetsKillAndre

The 2012 Pirelli Calendar (ft. Kate Moss and Other Girls That Don’t Really Matter)

I am pretty sure that most of the guys on here are familiar with the notorious Pirelli¬† Calendar. Not because of their high performance tires, but because of the naked ladies that get featured in each of the months’ pages. Anyways, the 2012 edition is very special to us because it features someone who is very, very dear to us… yeah, you know it, we’re talking about none other that Kate Moss (well, honestly, she’s just very dear to me, but you know what? I’m going to talk on behalf of everybody else on the NVRMND and not give a fuck about it). Moving on, Pirelli recently released some pictures to kind of tease us and give us a preview of what their 2012 calendar is going to be like. The pictures are NSFW, even though I’m sure none of you reading this actually has a job… bastards. Enjoy:

– LetsKillAndre

Richard Phillips Presents: “Lindsay Lohan” x “Sasha Grey”

Film director Chris Phillips recently released two short films featuring two of the most controversial girls of western media: Lindsay Lohan, and Sasha Grey. Both beautifully executed, the videos show Lohan and Grey posing in their respective mansions. Both videos have a very calm and soothing vibe. If you are looking for a narrative of some sort of hidden message, I assure you that you will not find them in these videos; I would say this is more of a visual journey, rather than an intellectual one. Nevertheless, enjoy:

– letskillandre

FutureClaw Magazine: “Kids, New Moon on Monday”

FutureClaw Magazine presents this short film titled “Kids, New Moon on Monday”. Subject of the video is the juxtaposition of rebellious youth with fashion and how they both interact and feed off each other. With hints from from numerous subcultures and eras, this video shows how the conception of “trend” is now more blurry of what it used to be. It is a pure representation that, this new generation of young people, tends to assimilate, and somehow pick-and-choose from different styles and make it into its own. For as much as this new generation is being looked down upon, as being not original or revolutionary, I personally think this fashion choice and practice does actually have a meaning and makes a strong statement of itself. Enjoy:

– LetsKillAndre