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Love Bad Bitches? You’ll Love Iggy Azalea

I guess I’m a little late on this one, but I just came across this very interesting chick by name Iggy Azalea. An Australian native, but born in Los Angeles, Iggy is a rapper, and full time “Bad Bitch”.

– LetsKillAndre

Jay Z & Kanye West: “Otis” Video

Unless you live under a rock, you know that the Jay Z and Kanye West duo released their album “Watch The Throne” earlier this week. To celebrate their sales, estimated to be between 400,000 and 500,000 copies sold in the first week (still counting), The Throne released today the official video for their single titled “Otis”. Simple video, but still very straighforward and… cool. Diricted by Spike Jonze. Enjoy:

– LetsKillAndre

Kanye West & Jay Z: “Watch The Throne” Preview Documentary

With the release of their upcoming album “Watch The Throne”, set to be this next August 1st, Kanye West and Jay Z are giving us a peek of what happened during the behind the scenes of their project. With footage of recording sessions at mansions and castles (?) around the globe, the video emphasizes on the relationship between Ye and Jay, and of course a few sneak peaks of the tracks that will be featured on the album (a possible rip of Cassius’ “I Love You So”? Maybe, we’ll see). Also, Russel Crowe is on the album?? Yeah, you heard right. Anyways, here it is, “Watch The Throne” documentary, enjoy:


If you like what you see, or of course, if you’re a fan, the album is available for pre-order at

– LetsKillAndre

Pusha T, Tyler, The Creator, & The Neptunes Present: “Trouble On My Mind” Music Video

Around two weeks ago we posted the first single off of the “Fear Of God: 2” mixtape by Pusha T, “Trouble On My Mind” featuring Tyler, The Creator and produced by the Neptunes. Last night, the official video for the track debuted for Red Bull, and, to be completely honest, it was just as surprisingly cool as the song. The video features Pusha and the Golf Wang strolling around Los Angeles, just loitering, flirting with old ladies, and destroying everything in their path. Props to the great photography, and also to Pusha T, who embraced the weirdness and craziness of OF and featured it in his video. Enjoy:

– LetsKillAndre

Mellowhype Presents: “64” Video

OFWGKTA’s MellowHype, composed by Hodgy Beats and Left Brain, dropped their new, and first ever video for their single “64”. The Duo got recently signed by Fat Possum Records and will be re-releasing their album “BlackenedWhite”. The new version will be completely remastered and will have a slightly modified track-list, which will include never heard before songs. Now, enjoy the video, and If you like what you see/hear pre-order the new “BlackenedWhite” here for July 12th.

– LetsKillAndre

Tyler, The Creator ft. Frank Ocean: “She” Video

Highly anticipated video for “She”, off of Tyler the Creator’s Goblin is finally out. Honestly there is not much to say but that this kid is showing us that he’s not just going to be around for his fifteen minutes. Great production, directed and edited by Tyler, released by Golf Wang. Enjoy.

– LetsKillAndre

Justice: “Civilization” Music Video

Here at NVRMND we’ve had plenty of coverage bout the extreme hype over the return of Justice with they’re new hit single “Civilization”. The video features pretty outstanding visuals and a narrative that, i think, perfectly fits the song. Enjoy:

– letskillandre