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Stinner Frameworks Revisited

A little while ago we featured a piece about friend and framebuilder extraordinaire Aaron Stinner here at NVRMND. Since then, Aaron has continued honing his craft and is putting together some really remarkable bikes. These days with so much of what we use and consume is made overseas and without passion so it’s a breath of fresh air to see someone invested in what they love. The following video really illustrates Aaron’s vision and is worth watching for the production value alone. Enjoy!


Our House Records’ MINIMIX

Our good friends over at Our House Records just released their first of a series of mini-mixes by their golden boys, Realboy. The term minimix is a bit misleading, mostly because in five minutes they feature just under 20 different songs from multiple genres, and even includes a little sneak peak of one of their new tracks. While it’s sad that this terrific mix is only five minutes long, take solace in the fact that Our House Records has promised us a new mix every Monday from their artists. Listen:

Tracklist after the jump.



NVRMND Feature: Stinner Frameworks

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with friend and colleague Aaron Stinner in his Santa Barbara, California workshop. Located in an unassuming suburban garage, Stinner Frameworks has been operational for just over a year, and is responsible for a handful of road, mountain, cyclocross, and commuter bikes so far.

As I walked in I was greeted by a halfway-assembled road frame in a workstand that demonstrated the intricacy required to hand-build a lugged steel frame – carefully mitered tubes, hand-written notes in Sharpie on some of them, and brazing marks that indicate a careful application of heat. There is something innately impressive about handcrafted goods, and bikes are no different. A mill sits in one corner, a frame jig in another, and the whole space is decidedly focused on building bikes and doing it right.


NVRMND’s People We Like: Key Nyata

It’s time for us to present another one of the members of our NVRMND’s People We Like section, and this time its rapper Key Nyata. The guy, let me tell you, is pretty fucking talented and one of a kind. We are not the type to put labels on people, but if I had to put this guy under some sort of category for you people I would say Key Nyata is a mix of the Californian Swag rapper, some of that new Chopped and Sckrewed style, along with some of that good old educated flow typical of the East Coast. But still, fuck labels. Anyways, the guy is also a producer: his beats are usually characterized by slow-paced tempo and deep synths typical of that Chopped and Sckrewed style I was talking about earlier. Oh, and did I mention the kid is sixteen years old? Not bad uh?

But anyways, time to listen to some music. First of all, here is a personal favorite:

Key Nyata – “Not My Job” Free Download

Secondly here his latest release:

This is all I’m showing you here on our blog, so, for more (and I know you want more), go check out Key Nyata’s Youtube Channel. Also, make sure to Follow Him On Twitter for updates and all of that. Show the guy some love, cus you’ll be seeing much more of him, especially here at NVRMND. Swag.

– LetsKillAndre



Realboy & Our House Records.

Before you check out Realboy this weekend, i got a chance to sit down with them in their home studio, and this is what we talked about.


NVRMND’s Friends: It’s the Based Queen, KREAYSHAWN

Not too long ago, in our “NVRMND People We Like” section, we posted about one of our favorite girls in the music industry at the moment: Kreayshawn. The girl really has it going on, directing videos of a lot of the bay area rappers, including Lil B the Based God; her “Bumpin’ Bumpin'” video recently reached 100,000 views on YouTube; and on on top of that she recently performed at one of the MTV SxSW after parties. Swag? Swag.

Last night we received a pretty delightful twit picture from her personal Twitter account with the caption “NVRMND KREAYSHAWN, I’M JUST SMOKING”. The caption says it all,  but the picture itself is even better.

Here is Kreayshawn self-medicating sporting one of the items from this upcoming season: our “NVRMND Cheetah Print” tee. We officially have a new friend here at NVRMND, make sure you support her: follow her on Twitter, Tumblr, and please do yourself a favor and download her free Mixtape “Kittys & Choppas” here.

BONUS: Here is a video from the MTV SXSW where she performed “Gucci, Luis, Prada” – Enjoy:

– LetsKillAndre

NVRMND Picture of The Week

Our friend, TheWorstKnown, brought a little bit of NVRMND to the Odd Future show… Photo by Julian Berman.