Vice & Project X Present: Party Legends

In anticipation of “Project X“, Warner Bros. teamed up with Vice Magazine and released the “Party Legends” series. “Party Legends” features some of our favorite stars/artists/celebrities telling us their craziest party experience they ever had.

You can check out some crazy stories after the jump from Nick Swardson, Snoop Dogg, and Tyler, The Creator. For more visit Project X facebook. Enjoy:


Beyonce: Party “Video”

I’m not a die hard fan of Beyonce, I think she’s extremely talented, great voice, and all of that, but still, I didn’t cry or anything when “4” came out. However, from the first moment I heard it I fell in love with party. It’s pretty much perfect for those summer Sunday afternoons, kicking back, BBQing with frends, with our swag sausages dripping…. ah whatever… The video premiered today, and features J Cole, which replaced Andre 3000 from the original version, which of course, was way better. We also have some star appearances, like Theophilus London and for the rest it’s just some other semi-famous people not worth mentioning. Enjoy:

– LetsKillAndre

The Naked and The Famous – “The Sun” Video

And out comes a new video for The Naked and the Famous. It has already been banned off YouTube. Directed by Joel Kefali & Campbell Hooper for Special Problems. Song taken from album ‘Passive Me, Aggressive You’. It’s a beautiful art piece to a beautiful song. Sihouettes, shapes, glitter and gold. Enjoy! To read more about why it was banned, click here!

— leahknowesy

Strange Talk – “Climbing Walls” Video

And here it is — Strange Talk‘s new music video for their first single “Climbing Walls”. Featuring tons of colors, dancers, and beach scenery. This is the first music video with colorful hidden rewards that you can take home. An interactive experience where if you see something you like … you might just get it. Tying in with Cheer’s tagline ‘We dig color’. Freebies to click on include fashion items such as flip flops, baseball caps and sunglasses, as well as an iPod, electric guitar and bike. Unfortunately, today’s stuff has already been grabbed, but there will be new stuff up for grabs August 16th at 2pm eastern time.



Funeral Party – “NYC Moves to the Sound of LA” Video

Funeral Party formed late one night in a park in Whittier, California, an East Los Angeles suburb comprised of mostly working-class enclaves. Hardcore bands and metal bands dominated the local music scene at the time. However, in the East Los Angeles neighborhoods adjacent to Whittier, a post-punk, dance-craze revival was emerging and Funeral Party began gigging every weekend. The band quickly developed a following. Initially, they didn’t own any equipment and had to borrow it from other bands at East L.A. backyard parties and warehouses. Funeral Party’s DIY ethos mobilized their ascendancy from an erratic underground scene to the international stage.

And here it is, the long anticipated music video for Funeral Party‘s “NYC MOVES TO THE SOUND OF LA”. Directed by Nathan Cox. Featuring …. yours truly (2:26). However, to be completely honest, I was not impressed with the final product.


DANIELS Presents” “Dogboarding”

Combining their passion for skating and their love for animals, the group knows as DANIELS, formed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, recently filmed, directed and produced the following short video know as “Dogboarding”. The video, of course features both skateboards and dogs, but in a rather unusual and unexpected way. Check out the video yourselves to see what I’m talking about; big props to both production and effects. Enjoy:

– LestKillAndre

Karl Lagerfeld x Kanye West x VMAN Magazine

Just as everything he is involved in, the latest issue of VMAN Magazine featuring Kanye West (and Karl Lagerfeld) will be subject of major controversy. Now, before I even start talking about the magazine, I want to get a few points across to those who always have to complain about Yeezt. You can hate on Kanye West all you want, I don’t care, as long as you do it based on something worth  hating him for; and no, making Taylor Swift cry does not count. West is a  musician, he knows how to play musical instruments, and he does it well because took him all the way to where he is now (and  and when i say instruments I’m not referring to the mouse pad on your Mac Book, because that, is not an instrument). He’s been a fashion icon for nearly a decade now, his taste is being recognized globally, think of LV without YE, or Marc Jacobs, there is pretty high chance they would be bankrupt, at least in the States, without him. And now he’s getting shot by Karl Lagerfeld, one of the biggest names in the fashion industry. And, not pull stereotypes, but those big fashion-heads won’t even look at you if you’re worth it. So please, unless you can do better musically and have the fashion industry in the palm of your hand, shut your mouth and stop diminishing people for no valid reason.

Now going back on the magazine, the concept is pretty interesting as it is equipped with a real dollar bill that was carefully placed in Yeezy’s mouth on the cover. Pictures and design are by Karl Lagerfeld, creative director of Chanel, with inspiration coming from the typical G.O.O.D. music design with juxtaposition of black and white and coral red. A few days ago, VMAN hosted an actual assembly line where models would get each mag ready and sealed. If you want to grab a copy of the issue go to the closest relailer or buy online HERE.

– LetsKillAndre