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The Frieze Art Fair

Frieze magazine and Design collective is organizing a worldwide tour of expositions. The plan is to get some of the most amazing photography, design, and video work from contemporary artists from all over the world and have it visit the most influential metropolis on Earth. More info on the Frieze website. Following are some pictures for the fair. Enjoy:

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Damien Hirst x RANKIN Present: “Myths, Monsters and Legends”

Both known for their critically acclaimed design and photography work, Damien Hirts and Rankin recently presented their exposition “Myths, Monster and Legends” at Los Angeles’ RANKIN Gallery. The installation is characterized by prints that juxtapose RANKIN’s portrait photography with Hirst’s 3D modelling and graphic illustration. If you happen to be in the Melrose ave. area make sure you check this out as it will run through November 7th. But for now, here’s a peek. Enjoy:

8070 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046



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Ron English Presents: “English 101”

Artist Ron English landed last night in Los Angeles with his art exhibit titled “English 101”. The expo features iconic characters and images that English skilfully juxtaposed in the clash of POP Art and street art that English 101 is. If you are in the LA area make sure you don’t miss it. Here is a few images from the opening. Enjoy:

1103 Abbot Kinney Blvd.
Venice Beach, CA 90291
United States

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REVOK x RIME x ROID Present: “Perseverance”

Lately the city of Los Angeles has been giving street artists and urban designers the recognition they deserve. Following “Art In The Streets” (which, by the way, if you missed, you’re a total idiot), we now have “Perseverance”, featuring RVCA artists Revock, Rime, and Roid. The exhibit, hosted by Known Gallery is definitely something worth checking out as each one of the artists’ work, for as different as it is, perfectly collides together into a conglomeration of one of the multiple sides of urban/street art. The expo will be open to the public until September 10th, if you’re in the area (441 North Fairfax Avenue) make sure you check it out.

Via HypeBeast

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A planet with an Earth-like environment.

I will preface this topic with the disclaimer that many things could go wrong with the observation of something that is 20 light years away, but nonetheless, this shit is fun to think about. We have confirmed temperatures for the planet Gliese 581d, and its atmosphere is said to have stable amounts of Carbon-Dioxide. This isn’t anything that could be useful, considering it would take hundreds of thousands of life times to even get to the planet, it’s just odd to think that there is a planet relatively close to us that has a similar environment. It orbits a red-dwarf star, so the skies would constantly be in red and murky, and it has twice the gravitational pull as Earth, so, if any life lives there, it’s all probably very close to the ground, and probably has eyes on its head.

If we could travel the speed of light, somebody would have to commit 20 years of their life to just get to the planet, which is far out of our reach with current technology. But, there’s other shit out there, and considering the universe is 150-Billion light years in diameter, finding a hospitable planet only 20 light years leaves some pretty tasty possibilities for the rest of the universe and its inhabitants.



Terry Richardson x Art In Hong Kong Exhibition

Photographer Terry Richardson was invited to display some art at the “Art In Hong Kong 2011” Expo. After a few years of not exposing ant of his photography in art galleries, Richardson decided to theme his space with photography with only Asian subjects. I don’t think we have any readers in Hong Knong (yet) but if you happen to be in the area make sure to check the expo out as it features works from many other worldwide known artists and photographers. Here is a snippet of what you can expect from Terry’s installation. Enjoy:

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MOCA Presents: “Art In The Streets”

The Los Angeles Museum Of Contemporary Art is currently hosting an exposition dedicated to the great phenomenon that Street Art is. It really was about time that urban artist from all over the world actually got together to show everybody what they are all about. And what better city to do that if not Los Angeles? Come on, this city is pretty much the favorite canvas for all these street creative minds.

Many props to the MOCA for hosting the event as it shows the appreciation that we have for graffiti art and how influential it really is in modern culture. Artist include Fab 5 Freddy, Lee Quiñones, KAWS, Futura, Margaret Kilgallen, Swoon, RISK, Shepard Fairey, John-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, JR, Banksy, Mister Cartoon, Spike Jonze, Terry Richardson, Martha Cooper and Ed Templeton (+more): pretty good list uh? The expo will be at the MOCA until August 8th, so if you live in LA or are going to be visiting before then, make sure you go and check it out because it is definitely worth it, even life-changing for some (but maybe that’s just my opinion). To get you warmed up here some pictures from the past few days at the show; enjoy:

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