Video of the Week: Occupy Oakland

Well, incase you haven’t heard, yesterday Occupy Oakland got a little buckwild. At 5 AM about 500 police officers in riot gear basically attacked what was a peaceful protest with flashbangs/concussion grenades, tear gas, and non-lethal rifles using rubber bullets. A lot of people don’t realize that “non-lethal” and rubber bullets don’t mean they can’t kill you, it simply means that their rate of lethality is lower than a “real weapon”. Getting shot in the throat, mouth, eye or temple with a rubber bullet can easily kill you, and even if you get hit in a non-vulnerable area you can still damage internal organs, etc.

Anyway, multiple departments from our ever-protecting government have contacted youtube/google to take down videos from the attack, luckily for us google isn’t a fan of censorship. So, while the videos are still made available to us, take some time and watch a couple:



A little less than a hundred people were arrested. The exact number of people injured in the raid is unknown, but we do known that two officers were “injured” after “protestors splattered them with paint”.

Fuck the police.


Some Unseen Photos of The London Riots

Last week the city of London was subject of some crazy riots that were started because a police officer shot and killed a teenager boy. These riots lasted for days: cars and buildings were set on fire, vandalized, and many stores were broken into, vandalized and robbed. Shit went bananas. Here are some pictures of a group guys fucking shit up at one of Carhartts dispatchers and setting a car on fire. Enjoy:

– LetsKillAndre

Libya Under Attack

The Japan disasters drew a lot of attention away from the Libya situation, but the fight is still going on. This fucker Qaddafi has caused a lot of trouble for that little North African country; ordering his soldiers to shoot/bomb protestors, and those who don’t are regularly burned to death.

One of the few benefits of bloody battles like these are that they generate some really cool photography. Rarely can we capture scenes of people brandishing weapons in everyday settings or driving tanks through market places. I gathered a few to share:

Aside from those who are in it, who doesn’t enjoy a good explosion? ┬áNotice, at the top center of this picture it looks like there’s a tiny person getting launched though the air.

AK-47’s used to be the revolutionary’s weapon of choice, but this one looks like it’s on its death bed. I mean, when the middle eastern equivalent of a soccer mom is sporting it you know it’s no longer “cool”.

This is probably the closest Libya will ever get to a pride parade. You can only look so tough posing on a tank covered in other posing men.

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