Streets is Talking

The guy directly above in the mailbox is Ian Reid. Ian is doing something (at least I think) that is incredibly awesome with a video camera. He’s making videos of the oddities that happen around him on a daily basis through skateboarding.

This is kind of the original video of it before “Streets is Talking” started coming together, he explains the idea and how it began pretty well in this: 

The trailer for his new video called “Streets is Talking” seems like there are more clips of him looking for weirdness wherever he is and not just waiting for crazy shit to happen around him and I am beyond excited to see it. check it out: 

Looks sick right? Here are some more miscellaneous clips if you liked it too much and wanna keep watching: 

-Hard Denim Jeans

Ninjnasonik: ’93 Til Infinity

Brooklyn duo Ninjasonik presents visual for their “’93 Til Infinity” track, which, as you can probably imagine, is built of the notorious Souls Of Mischief same titled track. Enjoy:

– LetsKillAndre

Ford Models Interviews: Justice

Anticipating their album “Audio, Video, Disco”, Ford Models sat down with french duo Justice to ask them a couple of questions in regards of their carriers, personal lives, and, of course, their latest project. The interview is rather interesting, and conducted in a pretty unusual way, where the questions are only revealed at the end of the whole thing. Also, you might want to turn up your volume, as their french accent, for as hot as some of the girls might think, is kinda difficult to  comprehend (worse comes to worst just stare at Gaspard’s jacket for the whole thing). Enjoy:

Most importantly, make sure you grab a copy of Audio, Video, Disco. And by “grab” I mean buy, I’m tier of hearing so-called die hard fans that complain about how these artists can’t make top charts, tv channels, when they don’t even make the effort to help out on actual record sales. So yeah. Buy it.

– LetsKillAndre

SALEM Will Kill Everything You Love

As the godfathers of the new internet micro-genre of “Witch House”, SALEM makes some of the most dark, brutal, and distinctive music I have heard in a long time. Their sound is equal parts Chicago footwork, industrial, hip hop, goth and even R&B. The three members who make up SALEM live across the Midwest, collaborating only through email. Together, John Holland, Jack Donoghue, and Heather Marlatt combine the blown out boom bap production of John and Jack, ethereal singing by Heather and the chopped and screwed rapping from Jack.

While not the most accomplished lyricist, Donoghue has a compelling slowed down, pitched down, demon voiced rap. Its the type of murder music that Tyler, The Creator would make if he was speedballing and listening to Nine Inch Nails. Listen for yourself and tell me that SALEM is not the best soundtrack to your winter ketamine trips.

In addition to making their own original music, SALEM also produce the most awesome remixes of everyone from British goth-pop artist Charli XCX…

… to motherfuckin Gucci Mane.

Show SALEM some love and buy their album King Night. It does not disappoint. Also, check out their website for more videos and some of their fucking SICK mixtapes. Jack’s twitter is also boss. Follow him or die.


Ninjasonik Presents: “Prostitute” Music Video

Following the release of their greatly acclaimed mixtape “No Swords Or Masks” the Brooklyn Ninjas release some footage for “Prostitute”. The video is funy and NSFW, in other words, totally awesome. Enjoy:

Ninjasonik – “Prostitute” ft Courcy (NSFW) from Ninja Sonik on Vimeo.

– LetsKillAndre


Some Unseen Photos of The London Riots

Last week the city of London was subject of some crazy riots that were started because a police officer shot and killed a teenager boy. These riots lasted for days: cars and buildings were set on fire, vandalized, and many stores were broken into, vandalized and robbed. Shit went bananas. Here are some pictures of a group guys fucking shit up at one of Carhartts dispatchers and setting a car on fire. Enjoy:

– LetsKillAndre

Funeral Party – “NYC Moves to the Sound of LA” Video

Funeral Party formed late one night in a park in Whittier, California, an East Los Angeles suburb comprised of mostly working-class enclaves. Hardcore bands and metal bands dominated the local music scene at the time. However, in the East Los Angeles neighborhoods adjacent to Whittier, a post-punk, dance-craze revival was emerging and Funeral Party began gigging every weekend. The band quickly developed a following. Initially, they didn’t own any equipment and had to borrow it from other bands at East L.A. backyard parties and warehouses. Funeral Party’s DIY ethos mobilized their ascendancy from an erratic underground scene to the international stage.

And here it is, the long anticipated music video for Funeral Party‘s “NYC MOVES TO THE SOUND OF LA”. Directed by Nathan Cox. Featuring …. yours truly (2:26). However, to be completely honest, I was not impressed with the final product.