More Than Machines Video Trailer

I must say, I’m really not into wakeboarding, maybe its the amount of rednecks in the sport that are only surpassed by the number of rednecks in dirt biking, maybe its the towing of myself behind a giant blender usually driven by someone with below average IQ, I dont now. But I saw this teaser video recently of TransWorld WAKEboarding’s new video and its pretty goddamn impressive. The trailer for this video is really well shot, it seems with big companies like Nike 6.0 that they had a nice large budget to make the rest of the video easy to look at as well.  For the record these guys are not actually wakeboarding, they’re wakeskating which looks way more difficult and also much cooler, so that definitely helps keep it more interesting. Check it out:


Looks pretty damn fun right?

-Hard Denim Jeans

Gou Miyagi: Goin H.A.M. for Japan

The best description I’ve heard of Gou Miyagi would be calling him an “avant-garde” skateboarder. I’ve been checking out clips of him on the internet for a little while now and I’d have to say, style wise, this guy is pretty goddamn buckwild. Hailing from Japan, he is definitely showing people that it is still possible to have a very personal and unique style in this sport. Check him out:

Pretty next level right?

-Hard Denim Jeans

1987 by G-Shock

G-Shock and iconic BMXer Nigel Sylvester teamed up to make a new Casio G-Shock watch. To promote it they made this short video, titled “1987” (which was they year Nigel was for), features some quality BMXing around the streets of New York City. This dude is impressive:



I Believe I Can Fly (Flight of the Frenchies)

This vid shows a bunch of French tight rope, climbing, and base-jump enthusiasts combining their favorite sports into one they dub ‘highlining’. While I don’t know how they came up with the idea to parachute off of slack lines, I am glad they did and found someone to film it, because some of the shots in the trailer are pretty amazing. Video by Seb Montaz.


Endless Roads (Part 1) – Yellow Horizon

We’ve posted a couple of times on the Longboard Girls Crew, each time with a similar message: these girls are some badass dimes who tear shit up all over the world. This time they took a 600 kilometer road trip across Spain, taking advantage of the well-paved and mostly empty roads along the Mediterranean coast. If you have ten minutes be sure to give it a watch:

I gotta say this has my least favorite soundtrack out of the videos so far, but it’s bearable.


Dark Side of the Lens

Dark Side of the Lens features renowned UK-based surf photographer Mickey Smith talking about his passion for photography and the realities of the job. The short film chronicles his motivation as an artist, and at the same time highlights the stunning natural beauty of the waters in which he works. This is some of the best cinematography I have seen in a while, whether in a short film or otherwise, and the message is to-the-point and inspiring. Smith, along with co-director of photography Allan Wilson from the Astray Collective, have produced something truly remarkable with this film.

Still from Dark Side of the Lens


Video of the Week: Gymkhana 4

Ignoring the misleading title, this video is the third installment of the Ken Block/DC Shoes “Gymkhana” drift movies. This time it features Ken Block tearing ass around the backlots of Universal Studios (not gay sex) with high production value effects and and more burnt rubber than the entire country of Vietnam (they burn a lot of their trash). Anyway, the Gymkhana series speaks for itself, so I shouldn’t need to say much more. Give it a watch:

Directed by Ben Conrad