Street Art

Spoke Art San Francisco Presents: “Bad Dads”

Presented by Spoke Art San Francisco, “Bad Dads” is a tribute show to Wes Anderson’s movies. The show features port art influenced prints, and paintings depicting the main characters product of Anderson’s creativity and imagination.

Spoke Art Gallery | 816 Sutter Street | San Francisco, CA 94109

– LetsKillAndre

The Frieze Art Fair

Frieze magazine and Design collective is organizing a worldwide tour of expositions. The plan is to get some of the most amazing photography, design, and video work from contemporary artists from all over the world and have it visit the most influential metropolis on Earth. More info on the Frieze website. Following are some pictures for the fair. Enjoy:

– LEtsKillAndre

Artisme’s Vagrant Graffiti

French street art collective, Artisme (‘Art is me’), has been conducting a pretty interesting project with their local French vagabonds. To put it simply, they make these massive prints of real homeless people from around France, and then take said prints and post them in cities all over France. Usually the reaction someone has when seeing a vagrant on the street is to quicken their pace and avert their eyes, but with the size of these prints it’s hard to escape the aged and weather beaten faces. They sort of loom over the viewer and an old-fashioned homeless stare-down.

The cracks and holes in the surface the print is posted on get lost in the lines and wrinkles of the faces which really shows the similarities these people have to their vandalized surroundings.

I sometimes wonder if I’m gonna end up homeless and forgotten, which is a kind of a sad aspect. Many of these poor people have only made a few mistakes in their life and ended up as nameless figures sprawled across our sidewalks, actively ignored by society. An interesting side effect of this project is that these forgotten faces have become semi-iconic, and these homeless people have become recognizable figures.

Hit the jump for close-ups of the prints and pictures of them in various cities/being weathered.



Ron English Presents: “English 101”

Artist Ron English landed last night in Los Angeles with his art exhibit titled “English 101”. The expo features iconic characters and images that English skilfully juxtaposed in the clash of POP Art and street art that English 101 is. If you are in the LA area make sure you don’t miss it. Here is a few images from the opening. Enjoy:

1103 Abbot Kinney Blvd.
Venice Beach, CA 90291
United States

– LEtsKillAndre

Painting with KID ZOOM

Here’s a great look at the process that Australian born, New York based, artist KID ZOOM uses to make his pieces. Truly a phenomenal piece, made more impressive by the fact that it came out of spray cans. After you watch the video you can give him props at his personal site. Watch:

Music: “These Days” by The Black Keys


REVOK x RIME x ROID Present: “Perseverance”

Lately the city of Los Angeles has been giving street artists and urban designers the recognition they deserve. Following “Art In The Streets” (which, by the way, if you missed, you’re a total idiot), we now have “Perseverance”, featuring RVCA artists Revock, Rime, and Roid. The exhibit, hosted by Known Gallery is definitely something worth checking out as each one of the artists’ work, for as different as it is, perfectly collides together into a conglomeration of one of the multiple sides of urban/street art. The expo will be open to the public until September 10th, if you’re in the area (441 North Fairfax Avenue) make sure you check it out.

Via HypeBeast

– LetsKillAndre


Stinkfish Hits London

I haven’t talked about street art recently (mostly due to being insanely busy) but while perusing my usual channels looking for some interesting pieces this came up and I felt like sharing. Colombia based street artist Stinkfish was recently seen in London painting this outlandish piece. His use of color and movement rarely ceases to amaze me.

More pictures after the jump!