Chocolate Bunny

If you haven’t seen this video, you should. It’s about chocolate bunnies — hence the title. So, I didn’t and never really liked chocolate, but every time I watch this soothing video about choclate, it  makes me want some chocolate – real bad. It makes chocolate look so yummy. It is also sad, but to see them get destroyed is beautiful. Directed by Lernert & Sander. You discovered it here and now.


iTunes and djays

Are you sick of your 8th grade dances lacking the music mixing and high-grade thizz you’ve come to expect  from concerts? Thankfully now you and your buddies can bathroom brew some ecstasy using THIS guide, and you can each get an iPad and then get the djay app for it. Described as giving you the ability to “take the party with you”, it is a $20 iPad exclusive app that makes it so nearly anyone can mix their favorite songs together. Watch out, ’cause when you use this faux set of decks you’ll pull in so much pussy that you’ll have to open a shelter for stray cats.

In all seriousness, this is kind of cool. In the right hands this application can actually produce so pretty solid mixes. Obviously it doesn’t live up to the same standards as working with ableton and a lemur, but you can still make some impressive stuff. Check out this guy, JME, showing off his skills:

Can’t afford the iPad and djay app? Diplo and Mad Decent came out with a free DJ app a while back, and it’s basically just as good. Here’s Diplo giving a quite little run through:

It’s perfect for holding up to the microphone and mashing with all fingers. Pick it up HERE.


The Don Gallery presents: “Hello Bro!” Exhibition

The Milan-based Don Galley just presented their “Hello Bro!” exhibition. With anything from paintings, toys and installations, the exhibition is the final product of a two-year process of collecting the most influential art pieces in urban culture. With works from artists such as KAWS, Futura, SHARP, and Mike Giant, this gallery is someone you definitely want to check out…..too bad, it’s overseas.

– NvrMndWhoCreatedYou

KAWS Passing Though Companion x Exhibition

KAWS just revealed the main piece for his “Passing Through” exhibition held in Hong Kong. This is the biggest installation by the Brooklyn based artist, and will probably go for an incredible, unthinkable amount of money. Here is the final result of his work:

And here a little trailer for the exhibition.

If you are not familiar with KAWS’ work, which has been extremely predominant in the urban and hip-hop world, go to the next page to get a taste of what he’s all about. (more…)

Dee & Ricky X Chanel

There’s a pretty lively debate going on in the world of design on whether Dee & Ricky are fucking geniuses or everybody who buys their stuff is just plain retarded. In my opinion, they are just two young badass designers. Sure some argue that anybody could go to “Toys “R” us” or the “Lego” store, buy a couple hundred dollars worth of Lego blocks, and assemble accessories resembling ordinary objects and symbols achieving  fame and respect in the design world and copious amount of money.

Now, I have to admit that i thought multiple times to make little objects and accessories or decorations  with my Legoes, but guess what, I never actually sat down and made that happen, and neither did you guys so please let’s just get the fuck over it and move on because it’s too late now. We’ll have to come up with something else.

These two young fellows recently collaborated with Chanel to design new Lego lipstick. Sure some of you might think it’s completely useless, but om the positive side it’s everlasting, unisex, and looks good on anything you wear without getting it all stained. This is a limited edition, so if you want to get your hands on one of these, contact INFO@DEEANDRICKY.COM

Again these two have been changing the world of design as we know it and we should definitely expect more and more great things coming from them. Hit the jump for the galley and info on where to buy their stuff.