Under Destruction

Streets is Talking

The guy directly above in the mailbox is Ian Reid. Ian is doing something (at least I think) that is incredibly awesome with a video camera. He’s making videos of the oddities that happen around him on a daily basis through skateboarding.

This is kind of the original video of it before “Streets is Talking” started coming together, he explains the idea and how it began pretty well in this: 

The trailer for his new video called “Streets is Talking” seems like there are more clips of him looking for weirdness wherever he is and not just waiting for crazy shit to happen around him and I am beyond excited to see it. check it out: 

Looks sick right? Here are some more miscellaneous clips if you liked it too much and wanna keep watching: 

-Hard Denim Jeans

NVRMND Presents: Under Destruction, Episode One – The “Nvr Know Best” Tee

Here is NVRMND’s new agenda named Under Destruction! Here we will present mini-lookbook spreads dedicated to some of our favorite pieces of the line. This one we shot during our trip to San Francisco, and it features our friend model Lauren and, of course, our “Nvr Know Best” 2010 Edition Tee. This piece is one of our most popular ones of this line, with a bold drawing of a cancer stick with the words “Nvr Know Best” imprinted in green lettering on it: get it? You should. We chose Lauren for this spread not only because she’s extremely beautiful, but also because we want our ladies to feel like we also think about them. Streetwear is often considered an only-guy thing, but all it takes is a pair of scissors and a good eye to give a perfect twist to your outfit without ruining your girly look. And, trust us, you will look a lot more sophisticated with a customized limited edition tee than with one of those Urban Outfitters flower patterned shirts*.  No joke.

Photos were were taken by Andre with a broken camera, to create the effect of hungover remembrance of that gorgeous girl you met during the mayhem of the previous night. And, without having registered her name or number, for the next few days those still images won’t leave your head, and will make you wonder if that girl was actually real or simply a creation of your pure imagination. Now enough with the talk and please enjoy these pictures. It’s only a two page spread but I’m sure you will be satisfied.

Styling, photography and editing by Andre. Buy NVRMND’s “Nvr Know Best” 2010 Edition Tee HERE.

Special thanks to NVRMNDers Lauren, Kathy, Ali, and Brylee.

* Fuck Urban Outfitters

– NvrMndWhoCreatedYou