Video of the Week

Video of the Week: Video Game Urinals

They’ve been getting some attention in England recently, and while they’re still look pretty primitive I would still love to own one. Watch and see how you could be spending your time while you piss:


Too think of all the time I’ve wasted peeing while not being mindlessly entertained… Ladies, you know you’re jealous.


Video of the Week: Bollywood Car Chase

Brought to my attention by fellow blogger HDJ, this week’s video is simply visually stunning. It’s a Bollywood scene featuring a car chase, and it is, putting it simply, a visual masterpiece. Watch, and be sure to turn it up to 720p:


Damn that’s some clean editing!


Updated ASIMO Humanoid Robot

ASIMO, Honda’s humanoid robot, has been creeping people out since 2000. It was the first robot to feature predicted movement control making it walk much more smoothly. Every couple of years they do a little exhibit like this showing off their new advancements with the robot, ranging from more basic tasks like running, to more difficult ones, like interacting with humans. This update shows the robot hopping on one leg and running at high speeds. I don’t know what scenario you would be in that you would need your robot-assitant to hop on one foot, but ASIMO is capable of tackling that situation. Watch:

It’s good that they’ve got the hand grip and twist functions down. What you’re seeing right here is the early stages of “pleasure-bot” development. 10 more years and no more lifeless sexdolls for me, thank you.


Video of the Week: Quantum Levitation

It’s been a while since we’ve had an official video of the week, so we’re coming back on a good note. This week we have a demo from Tel-Aviv University showing off their skillz with quantum superconductors and magnetic fields. The video is only two minutes long, watch the whole thing to get your full “what the fuck” value:

Have no friends? Need something to distract yourself from the loneliness? Read up on the physics of the demo HERE!

First time I watched the video all I could think about was how the dudes from ICP would react after seeing it. (Don’t get the reference? Click Here)


Video of the Week: Wingsuit Flyers

So if you don’t know what a wingsuit is by now then you’re probably a pretty lame person, but for those of you who don’t know, I’ll explain: A wingsuit is special jumpsuit that adds surface area to the human body, so much so that you can see a significant increase in lift. The second I have a massive excess of cash and time this is what I’m going to be putting all of my efforts towards. Watch and envy the people in this video:


Video of the Week: Burning Man Octopus

One of the goals on my “To Do Before Dead” list is to go to Burning Man at least once. Lucky for me it looks like that may not be too far off, thus I’ve been fantasizing about the possible delights/horrors an event like that holds. Attractions like what’s in this video of the week are part of the reason why I so badly go. Behold, a behemoth metal octopus that shoots fire. Yikes:

I’m just imagining the reactions of people who are hallucinating and see this beast.


500 People in 100 Seconds

Filmed in Israel, this video of the week features 500 people holding 1,500 photos, making an easy, fluent music video. Watch:

Music: “Malinkovec Valzer” by Maxmaber Orkestar (

Made by Eran Amir (