NVRMND’s Youth Tour Episode 5: OFWGKTA Live at The Echo Dec. 1st 2010

So if you are a NVRMND follower you definitely know what OFWGKTA means and who these young LA rappers are. Being fans ourselves, we couldn’t let anything come in the way of us seeing them live at The Echo in East Los Angeles. For this episode of our NVRMND Youth Tour, however, we did not arm ourselves with cameras, and therefore do not have any pictures from the show that were taken by us. Why? Because you can’t fucking mosh pit to Tyler The Creator’s “French” while holding a camera, you can’t stomp on, jump on and brake stuff while holding a camera, and, most importantly, you can’t fucking catch “Free Earl” t-shirts while holding a fucking camera. But now let’s talk about the show.

Except for Earl, who is still locked down, every single one of the Odd Future members was present at the show: Tyler, Hodgy, Left Brain, Mike G, Domo, Casey, Jasper, and little spaz Taco.

In true OF fashion the set started with “Sandwiches” by Tyler The Creator ft. Hodgy Beats, where Tyler came out wearing his green mask (aka a beanie with holes cut out for mouth and eyes and an upside down cross drawn is sharpie right on the forehead). Introduction was followed by Mellohype performing both “YelloWhite” and “BlackenedWhite”, Domo Genesis’ “Rolling Papers”, and Mike G just filling in within those tracks that contain his incredible flow and lyrics. The last few songs, of course, came from “Bastard” by Tyler The Creator: with a slow start with track “Bastard” that immediately switched with the chaotic and hard hitting “French” (where the whole crowd, literally, went crazy), followed by “Seven”, “VCR”, “Slow It Down” and final “Tina”, which, was three minutes of constant mosh pitting that almost tore the whole place down.

Highlights of the night: Tyler strangling a girl from the crowd as he sang “And I’ll Kill You if I Find Out That You’re Watching Some Other Movie” from “VCR” – Left Brain swagging the whole stage out with his crazy dance while wearing cheap woman’s sunglasses – Taco’s verse in song “Tina” that lead to a riot both on stage and in the crowd – Tyler almost braking into tears as “Tina” was playing – The big finale, dedicated to OFWGKTA member Earl…

Overall the show was incredible. Despite the young age and being extremely down to earth, these kids already know how to put on a great show. At one point Tyler started running, almost inadvertently across the stage, with his arms spread out, just like like young children do, identifying themselves as airplanes during playtime: this was a simple but efficent way for Tyler to prove how comfortable he is on stage, and that the stage, is his playground. Lastly, each member of the Odd Future gang has a vital presence on stage, even those who don’t really rap, like Left Brain, Jasper, and Taco brought outstanding energy to the show. The Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All is here to stay, and it already changed the world of hip hop as we know it.

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– NvrMndWhoCreatedYou aka LetsKillAndre

NVRMND’s Youth Tour Episode 4: “Real Tales of San Francisco”

So last weekend we went to San Francisco for one of our shoots. But, of course, in between work, we took advantage on the situation, to go out, wonder around and party. San Francisco treat us really well, and I’m also sure they got a very good taste of us. So, that’s all, Youth Tour Episode 4, “Real Tales of San Francisco”. All pictures were taken with disposable cameras, we went through 5 in the span of 17 hours. Enjoy:

Again, San Francisco was insane, we will be back soon hopefully. And we will keep you posted on the Youth Tour because NVRMND might be coming to your city too!

Tees in this Episode: Raw Logo (Black), This Girl is Inspiration, Gazin Speaks, NVRMND’s Surrender, Nvr Know Best

– NvrMndWhoCreatedYou

NVRMND’s Youth Tour Episode 3: “Day One” Recap Part 2

As promised, here we are with Part 2 of our “Day One” Recap! Fuck… Enjoy.

HardDenim shooting it up.



NVRMND’s Youth Tour Episode 2: “Day One” Recap (Part One)

So, Friday night we launched our 2010 t-shirt collection and pop-up store. Friday night was a blast. Friday night was insane. Fortunately, after waking up this Monday morning, without any sort of recollection of the past few days, we came across this a handful of photos to remind us of well “Day One” really went. For this first batch of pictures we decided to use the more “formal” photos from the beginning of the night, you know, keep it nice and professional; but get ready because Part 2 will be more explicit and will show everything really that went down.

Andre definitely had a good time, not just because the launch of the line he designed that went really well, but mostly because of other reasons…

Oh watch out for the sneak-peak here! From left to right we have our shirts “NVRMND’s Surrender”, “NVRMND The Record” and “NVRMND Who Created You”

Check out the rest of this page for more pictures! (more…)

The YouthTour: Episode 1

The first episode of the NVRMND YouthTour is now online!

The YouthTour  is a series of pictures taken by me (mostly from my phone, so quality will be shitty most of the time) of the places, parties and all the cool kids that go there.

Jack and Kathy and my left foot at the house

Kathy at the studio, taking a break from her dancing on the vintage couch