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Neon Indian Presents: “Fallout” Music Video

Neon Indian released an awesome music video for their track “Fallout” out of their “Era Extraña” album. The video was made in collaboration with Adult Swim, more specifically animator Lilfuchs. The visuals feature a cartoon, big-breated, Pink-haired babe driving around in her convertible: that’s some 8os animated swag right there. Enjoy:

– LetsKillAndre

Best Coast – “Gone Again”

Best Coast just released their video for their track, “Gone Again”, directed by Daniel Garcia. Last Tuesday, as Best Coast’s iTunes Session hit the web, Bethany tweeted that they also promised another record to be released this year. They sold a lot of records for their debut album, Crazy For You, so why not? Anyway, they’re growing as a band, and be sure to check them out for FREE at MAKE MUSIC PASEDENA.

Enjoy your first look and don’t forget to head over to the Adult Swim Singles Program website on Monday morning to download the track for keeps.

-- leahknowesy