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Typoe Presents: “Confetti Death”

Miami-based graffiti artist, Typoe, recently presented his latest piece of art titled “Confetti Death”. The piece was one of the most iconic ones down at the Art Basel in Miami this year, and, at least is my opinion, is probably one of the most innovative ones that we’ve seen lately coming from a modern street artist. It’s pretty incredible to see how street and urban art is slowly but surely shifting to the more sophisticated world of in-gallery artwork. The gallery world is in fact not only designated to the more “privileged” pioneers street artists such as Banksy, Shepard Fairey, and KAWS, but is now available and open on a much larger scale to support local graffiti artists. Anyway, enjoy the pictures, and to see more from Typoe (by the way, pretty cool concept on the name uh?) visit his Flikr here.

– LetsKillAndre