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The Internet: Docmentary & “Live It Up”

Today, Odd Future Record’s The Internet released the physical copy of their debut LP Purple Naked Ladies, their documentary, and a brand new track titled “Live It Up” (Prod. By Tyler, The Creator). Check it all out below, physical copy HERE. Enjoy:

– LetsKillAndre


Alcan Highway Trailer

Alcan Highway, a documentary film made by Aleksi Salmenperä and produced by Ulla Simonen / MADE, tells the story of a 44-year old homeless man from Finland named Hese. Dubbed “a road movie of a mobile man with mobile plans,” it follows Hese on some of his travels in Alaska where he searches for a place to finally settle down. The trailer certainly looks promising, and I for one am looking forward to the film’s planned release in Spring 2012.

[vimeo w=590 & h=420]


Kanye West & Jay Z: “Watch The Throne” Preview Documentary

With the release of their upcoming album “Watch The Throne”, set to be this next August 1st, Kanye West and Jay Z are giving us a peek of what happened during the behind the scenes of their project. With footage of recording sessions at mansions and castles (?) around the globe, the video emphasizes on the relationship between Ye and Jay, and of course a few sneak peaks of the tracks that will be featured on the album (a possible rip of Cassius’ “I Love You So”? Maybe, we’ll see). Also, Russel Crowe is on the album?? Yeah, you heard right. Anyways, here it is, “Watch The Throne” documentary, enjoy:


If you like what you see, or of course, if you’re a fan, the album is available for pre-order at

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Steal This Movie

The infamous filesharing website, The Pirate Bay, known for causing the White House to threaten Sweden with trade sanctions, is having a documentary made about it, and its three creators, Tiamo, Brokep, and Anakata. The notorious trio have been sentenced to a year and prison and fined three million Euros for their alleged crimes against copyright laws. They are making their appeal this coming September 28th. The documentary is being directed by Simon Klose, who is making this movie purchasable for those who want to “support the filmmakers”, but ultimately it will be made available for free in Ogg Theora on BitTorrent. Here’s the official trailer for the film:

Here’s the first of a few clips that are going to be released this September, this one just gives a taste of one of the creators, Tiamo:

It’s mostly in Swedish, but subtitles are going to be made available for those who want them. The movie is scheduled to be released after the appeal is over, so for those of you who want to know about the rise and fall of a piracy powerhouse, keep an eye out. I recommend watching this to anyone who wants to know what it has cost three internet pioneers for you to download your pop music and furry porn.

HERE is a link to their official website.

“TPB  AFK is not a fan movie about the Pirate Bay,” says Klose. “Neither is it a journalistic piece on copyright conflict. It’s an observational, character driven film about three guys whose hobby homepage became the embryo of a global political movement.”


Bassweight, a Dubstep Film

As of now, dubstep seems to be the big thing in the electronic music industry. Over the past couple of years it has had a massive increase in popularity, and with artists like DZ, Rusko, and Joker constantly pumping out new tracks it’s hard to go any rave or party without getting bombarded with the fattest, nastiest tracks available. What’s funny is that even now, after dubstep has been around for a while and has become such a big deal, so few people actually have a good understanding of how it became the both beloved and loathed genre that it is. That’s where the good men and women at SRK come in, with their creation of the first dubstep feature film ever made, “Bassweight”. It provides a spot-on timeline for the genre, ranging from its birth, to pioneering moments in the dubstep history, plus some really good interviews with big names in the industry such as Benga and Skream. Here’s the trailer:

Click the image

It was scheduled to be released on DVD by late summer, but seeing as it’s August 31st that’s seeming unlikely. However, you should keep an eye out for it, because it’s almost guaranteed to be a neck breaker. Look for it HERE

Now, if you’ve been held in bondage for the past five or so years and the topic of dubstep is new to you, use these as reference points:

And yes, I know this is one of Rusko’s most overplayed songs, but I still love it:


Favela On Blast

Well, the much anticipated Brazilian music documentary by Diplo and co-director Leandro HBL is finally out. It goes into great detail about the culture of Rio de Janeiro, from the music, to the MCs, to dancers, to the parties etc. and explains how the culture has shaped the music. It’s guaranteed to be entertaining just because it has daggering in it, plus the promise of drugs, sex, and violence, which everyone loves. Here’s the official trailer:

I can only speak for myself, but that looks sick as fuck, and if that isn’t enough to sell you, than here’s a short interview with Diplo, about 7 and 1/2 minutes long, in which he talks about filming Favela On Blast, as well as his family, his DJ name, and a good bit on Major Lazer.

Oh, and the video is only five bucks, which is pretty damn cheap. You can purchase it HERE, or wait to pirate it, like I know so many of you will.

Bass, my friend, people like bass.