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Video of the Week: Earl Sweatshirt is (not) Home

Is Chap Lips back from his stint in samoan rehab?


Check out his twitter: @earlxsweat .

More updates to come.

Update #1: Looks like he’s back. Rejoice!


Update #2: Here’s Earl’s weird new social network site: the answer to getting in is “Samoa”. Nothing really going on there yet…

Update #3: Well, turns out we still have to wait a while longer… No Earl, at least for the near future.


COMPLEX Magazine Found Earl Sweatshirt!

So apparently we (well actually Complex Magazine did, but we’ll just take part of the credit) found the whereabouts of notorious teen rapper Earl Sweatshirt. Based on some lyrics off the track “TANGGOLF” by Domo Genesis and Hodgy Beats (“Ask Syd Where We At/ She Tells You Where We Going/ From Free Earl To The Fucking Samoans) , the Complex detectives leaked a picture from a reformation camp based in Samoa where, right in the middle of a group of youngens you can spot the face of Sweatshirt himself eating what appears to be a banana?

Speaking of bananas, every single Odd Future fan is literally going bananas. Still, for the sake of OFWGKTA I would like to say that as fans we should still be make a huge deal out of this and respect the secrecy of Earl’s stay in Samoa and support the kid by screaming “FREE EARL” at every single OF show.


– LetsKillAndre