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Those ShadowRunners

Hip hop duo from Los Angeles is what you’re looking for if your a hip hop fanatic who’s tired of listening to the same old shit. Check their website here and have a taste below. Expect big things from these dudes. Also, follow them on twitter. Enjoy:

– LetsKillAndre

The Roots: “Undun” Album Stream

After a lot of teasing with one video and song a week, The Roots now let us listen to their whole entire album “Undun”. Check out the track list below and give it a listen HERE.

01. The Un
02. Sleep
03. Make My (feat. Big K.R.I.T.)
04. One Time (feat. Phonte & Dice Raw)
05. Kool On (feat. P.O.R.N.)
06. The Other Side
07. Stomp feat. (P.O.R.N.)
08. Lighthouse
09. I Remember
10. Tip The Scale
11. Redford (For Yia Yia & Pappou)
12. Possibility
13. Will To Power
14. Finality

– LetsKillAndre


Casey Veggies: “Riding Round Town” + “Sleeping In Class: DELUXE EDITION” Release

If you’re a rap fan, and I don’t mean one of those “real rap” douche-bags that quit listening to music after September 13th 1996, you definitely know about young Casey Veggies. First affiliated with the OFWGKTA movement (he was part of the first Odd Future Tape released in 2007), Veggies, who was a senior in high school ’til 3 months ago, has been doing his own thing for a while now, releasing free mix-tapes of quality Californian Los Angeles Hip-Hop. Young Veggies has been touring all over the US this summer, and is now re-releasing a deluxe version of his last “Sleeping In Class” mix-tape, which will be for sale on iTunes September 20th (it’s gonna be a re-mastered version, and there is gonna be some new, unheard tracks). Here is the video for his track “Ridin’ Round Town” (which I’ve been bumping on any car I’ve been riding on all fucking summer), off “Sleeping In Class”. Enjoy:

If you wanna hear more from Casey Veggies, visit his website, download “Sleeping In Class” , follow him on Twitter, or hit the jump for a personal favorite “DTA” featuring Tyler, The Creator. Swag.

– LetsKillAndre


NVRMND’s People We Like: Key Nyata

It’s time for us to present another one of the members of our NVRMND’s People We Like section, and this time its rapper Key Nyata. The guy, let me tell you, is pretty fucking talented and one of a kind. We are not the type to put labels on people, but if I had to put this guy under some sort of category for you people I would say Key Nyata is a mix of the Californian Swag rapper, some of that new Chopped and Sckrewed style, along with some of that good old educated flow typical of the East Coast. But still, fuck labels. Anyways, the guy is also a producer: his beats are usually characterized by slow-paced tempo and deep synths typical of that Chopped and Sckrewed style I was talking about earlier. Oh, and did I mention the kid is sixteen years old? Not bad uh?

But anyways, time to listen to some music. First of all, here is a personal favorite:

Key Nyata – “Not My Job” Free Download

Secondly here his latest release:

This is all I’m showing you here on our blog, so, for more (and I know you want more), go check out Key Nyata’s Youtube Channel. Also, make sure to Follow Him On Twitter for updates and all of that. Show the guy some love, cus you’ll be seeing much more of him, especially here at NVRMND. Swag.

– LetsKillAndre



Gimme Some Sugar

Shot by Vadim Gershman and Ryan Powell, this new video for Phaseone’s track Sugar, is weird as fuck. The spacey ambient track is backed by sped up visuals of cars moving through Chicago as a series of text messages on-screen play out the most desperate conversation ever. Weird shit. But for some reason I have watched this video over 10 times in the past two days. If youre feelin it, give Phaseone some love on his facebook page.


Donald Glover x Childish Gambino: Renaissance Man

If you already know who Donald Glover is, its because you’re probably a fan of his original YouTube comedy sketches (Derrick Comedy) he created while attending NYU. If you are, you must have been surprised to see him on his own network television show just two years later. Well I’m here to tell you that there have been no days off for the young comedian, who landed a job writing for the award winning NBC show 30 Rock right out of College.

Two years, and two primetime Emmys for Outstanding Comedy Series later, Glover left the show to pursue his personal stand up career, and acting career, and was soon picked up by NBC to star in the primetime hit Community. Glover has since gone on to host his own Comedy Central stand up, and has recently released a string of music under the alias Childish Gambino.

He’s taken Hype Machine by storm, remixing Adele’s Rolling in the Deep (with the help of Jaime xx) and has dropped his own single Freaks & Geeks, both topping the popular charts for a few days. The writer/Rapper/comedian has even admitted to producing his own tracks, and is on a mission to break any classifications you try to throw at him, claiming no affiliation besides his oath to cleaver bars, and beats that could pass as electro had he released them without lyrics.

Glover will be staring in his own nation wide tour titled I Am Donald starting April 16th. The show hits Los Angles on April 27th and San Francisco the next night, and will consist of stand up comedy from Donald Glover, and a musical performance from the Chilidish Gambino. Be sure to download his EP Childish Gambino here, and make sure you check out his Website

Tour Dates after the jump

-GodBlessCalifornia aka Gregory Hill



Busta Rhymes is the the machine gun…no, the flamethrower of fire spitters. That shit is just a constant stream of ill lyrics coming at you. Another great rapper from Brooklyn with great songs for you to listen to.

Busta’s been on tracks with everyone too, from the Wu-Tang Clan and A Tribe Called Quest, to Pharrell and P. Diddy. He gets around.

-Hard Denim Jeans