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Justice – ON’N’ON Music Video

New video for Justice’s song “On’N’On” off their album Audio, Video, Disco. It’s directed by Alexandre Courtes, and much like anything Justice gets involved in, it is superb. Check it:



Ford Models Interviews: Justice

Anticipating their album “Audio, Video, Disco”, Ford Models sat down with french duo Justice to ask them a couple of questions in regards of their carriers, personal lives, and, of course, their latest project. The interview is rather interesting, and conducted in a pretty unusual way, where the questions are only revealed at the end of the whole thing. Also, you might want to turn up your volume, as their french accent, for as hot as some of the girls might think, is kinda difficult to¬† comprehend (worse comes to worst just stare at Gaspard’s jacket for the whole thing). Enjoy:

Most importantly, make sure you grab a copy of Audio, Video, Disco. And by “grab” I mean buy, I’m tier of hearing so-called die hard fans that complain about how these artists can’t make top charts, tv channels, when they don’t even make the effort to help out on actual record sales. So yeah. Buy it.

– LetsKillAndre

Justice – “Audio, Video, Disco”

So apparently someone managed to get a leaked version of Justice’s “Audio, Video, Disco”. See what you think:

– LetsKillAndre

Justice: “Civilization” Music Video

Here at NVRMND we’ve had plenty of coverage bout the extreme hype over the return of Justice with they’re new hit single “Civilization”. The video features pretty outstanding visuals and a narrative that, i think, perfectly fits the song. Enjoy:

– letskillandre

Justice “Civilization” Video Teaser And Single Release

Some Say that hype means nothing, but when it comes down to this French duo I think that the hype is definitely worth it. Here is the (very short, I know) video teaser to their single “Civilization”, which has also been featured in the new Adidas “All In” Campaign.

Also, make sure you get it for your iTunes library, I mean, if you consider yourself a true fan make sure to BUY it for your iTunes library. Here:


– LetsKillAndre

Adidas Commercial (feat. Justice) – Dir. by Romain Gavras

And so the long awaited Adidas commercial, directed by Romain Gavras, featuring Justice’s new track, “Civilization”, is out. Check it out. Your mouth will water.

— leahknowesy