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Neon Indian Presents: “Fallout” Music Video

Neon Indian released an awesome music video for their track “Fallout” out of their “Era Extraña” album. The video was made in collaboration with Adult Swim, more specifically animator Lilfuchs. The visuals feature a cartoon, big-breated, Pink-haired babe driving around in her convertible: that’s some 8os animated swag right there. Enjoy:

– LetsKillAndre

Himself The Majestic – “Still Dripping” Music Video

Himself The Majestic pleased us this earlier this week with some footage for his track “Still Dripping”. “Dedicated to all [his] slimes” the video sees Himself sipping on some purp and spitting some rhymes. If you like what you see visit the Shadowrunners Click tumbrl for more. Enjoy:

– LetsKillAndre


Jeremy Ellis x Native Instruments

I recently viewed this video of Jeremy Ellis doin his thing on youtube and it has confirmed 2 things for me. 1: I know what my next purchase is when I stop spending all my money on weed 2: White people can get pretty funky even if at first glance they look a little bit like a pedophile.

The Maschine Mikro made by Native Instruments is an affordable $349.99 for all you aspiring dudes in trenchcoats with crazy fast hands that want to make beats. ARAABMUZIK YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED

-Hard Denim Jeans

Justice – “Audio, Video, Disco”

So apparently someone managed to get a leaked version of Justice’s “Audio, Video, Disco”. See what you think:

– LetsKillAndre

Casey Veggies: “Riding Round Town” + “Sleeping In Class: DELUXE EDITION” Release

If you’re a rap fan, and I don’t mean one of those “real rap” douche-bags that quit listening to music after September 13th 1996, you definitely know about young Casey Veggies. First affiliated with the OFWGKTA movement (he was part of the first Odd Future Tape released in 2007), Veggies, who was a senior in high school ’til 3 months ago, has been doing his own thing for a while now, releasing free mix-tapes of quality Californian Los Angeles Hip-Hop. Young Veggies has been touring all over the US this summer, and is now re-releasing a deluxe version of his last “Sleeping In Class” mix-tape, which will be for sale on iTunes September 20th (it’s gonna be a re-mastered version, and there is gonna be some new, unheard tracks). Here is the video for his track “Ridin’ Round Town” (which I’ve been bumping on any car I’ve been riding on all fucking summer), off “Sleeping In Class”. Enjoy:

If you wanna hear more from Casey Veggies, visit his website, download “Sleeping In Class” , follow him on Twitter, or hit the jump for a personal favorite “DTA” featuring Tyler, The Creator. Swag.

– LetsKillAndre


NVRMND’s People We Like: Key Nyata

It’s time for us to present another one of the members of our NVRMND’s People We Like section, and this time its rapper Key Nyata. The guy, let me tell you, is pretty fucking talented and one of a kind. We are not the type to put labels on people, but if I had to put this guy under some sort of category for you people I would say Key Nyata is a mix of the Californian Swag rapper, some of that new Chopped and Sckrewed style, along with some of that good old educated flow typical of the East Coast. But still, fuck labels. Anyways, the guy is also a producer: his beats are usually characterized by slow-paced tempo and deep synths typical of that Chopped and Sckrewed style I was talking about earlier. Oh, and did I mention the kid is sixteen years old? Not bad uh?

But anyways, time to listen to some music. First of all, here is a personal favorite:

Key Nyata – “Not My Job” Free Download

Secondly here his latest release:

This is all I’m showing you here on our blog, so, for more (and I know you want more), go check out Key Nyata’s Youtube Channel. Also, make sure to Follow Him On Twitter for updates and all of that. Show the guy some love, cus you’ll be seeing much more of him, especially here at NVRMND. Swag.

– LetsKillAndre



Do You Have the Trippple Nippple? Meet Trippple Nippples

Ok, in all honestly, I have never been a fan of Japanese Pop. Actually, Japanese music in general. No I’m not a racist, I actually think that most things that come out of Japan are extremely cool and avant garde, and that, in other words, nobody can really fuck with Japan. But still, I always thought their popular music kind of sucked. Most bands are way too corny, and instrumentals sound like they were made for or taken out from  “Hello Kitty”. But what really makes me dislike it is that I was never a fan of artists who use multiple languages in the same song, there’s too much of a change in the harmony of piece, and Japanese bands do that a lot.

All of this to actually announce that I finally found a band from Japan that I truly love: Trippple Nippples. These girls, who have been around for a while now in Japan, take that stereotypical sense of the Japanese pop band and mix it with their punk/rock/electro influences to create the one of a kind project that Trippple Nippple really is. Good baselines, and fast rhythms serve as back up to the screaming trio’s voices. Well thought, deep lyrics that actually make sense (fucking finally), give that extra mark to the listener to relate to their music while dancing frenetically to the beat. Plus, apparently their shows are out of the norm good. They are not the average live set, but get transformed into a pure, almost theatrical performance: perfect for a club atmosphere, plus the Nippples like to perform down on the dance floor along with their audience. They are also in charge in designing their own outfits. These. Bitches. Go. Crazy.

More on Trippple Nippples on their website HERE. Or check out some music after the jump:

– LetsKillAndre (more…)