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“NMRNPP” Behind The Scenes Promo Video

We put together another little promotional video with some footage from the “NMRNPP” behind scenes, just for you and just in time for Christmas. “No More Roses, Nor Pretty Patterns” Collection release date will be announced some time next week, so keep yourselves posted.

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NVRMND Clothing’s “No More Roses Nor Pretty Patterns – NMRNPP” Collection Lookbook

Shout-out to your favorite spiritual entity, because NVRMND’s third season is almost ready. As always, we (especially Mr. Bato) poured ourselves into this season, and have traded quantity for quality. However, this time we’ve opted for a more clean cut yet casual look, aiming towards producing clothes that keep you at that happy middle-ground between looking like an overdressed dickhead and an underdressed mouth-breather. We’re sick of overdone flamboyance, and have decided that it’s time for some understated class to makes its way back onto the scene.

To start us off we have the the Rect-Logo Hoodie. It’s more comfortable than your favorite comfy sweater, but unlike yours, this one doesn’t make you look like a trashbag person. Made from 100% cotton, these hoodies have a huge center pocket, great for secure transportation of your school supplies or 40 ouncer, and extra long drawstrings that, in a pinch, can be used for chocking out assailants/victims. They come in three different colorways: gray (pictured above), black (pictured below) and burgundy (not pictured). Also note our Raw Denim pants, one of our proudest releases to date.

The black color way of the Rect-Hoodie is an ideal choice for those low profile  It has the slimming qualities that come with black clothing, meaning no more feeling self-conscious about how chunky you look when you’re high at your local 7-Eleven stuffing bags of hamburger flavored chips up your shirt (it’s cool, we don’t judge).

One of the simpler pieces of the new season, our straight cut t-shirt is made from imported french terry cloth. This thing retains heat like a champ, and the inside of it feels like skinned baby seals without any of the guilt.


Next we have our  Micro Houndstooth button-up, coupled with the NMRNPP raw denim jeans in black. Both are perfect examples of what we were going for in this season, and while at first glance you might think that they appear simple, once you have them on you’ll quickly change your mind.  At first the jeans may feel a bit like testicle crushers, but that’s simply because they’re raw denim and they need to be broken in, and once that happens you won’t want to take them off. The indigo pair are made of italian raw denim, and the black pair are made from black raw bull denim.

We now come to the Polka button-up, which is a personal favorite of mine from the new season. I know what you’re thinking: “Oogie, I look like too much of a goon to wear this shirt.” Which is simply wrong. Anyone can pull this bad-boy off. In fact, the shirt compensates for your mediocre looks by emphasizing your suave characteristics, and the thick material and long sleeves hide any unsightly skin conditions you might have. They’re also made of 100% cotton, so they won’t add to any irritation you have.

Lastly we have our raw finish fleece top in black. This piece is crazy soft. How soft you ask? Think Asher Roth, minus that whole “embarrassingly bad” thing he has going on. It’s great for layering up on those colder days, or to hide your ugly/dirty clothes underneath.

All joking aside, we’re truly grateful that we’re still making clothes for you guys. A little over a year ago we had our first release, and it’s thanks to your support that we’ve been able to continue doing what we love. So thanks.

Follow NVRMND on twitter, like our Facebook page, and be sure to keep an eye on the store in the next few days. It’ll be reopening with the release of the new season, and we’ve been working on it for some time now.

Photo credit goes to Rakeem Cunningham, who shot for us at the Focus Studio. The clothes were modeled by the ever-handsome Tristan Antonii Walczak.


NVRMND’s “No More Roses Nor Pretty Patterns (NMRNPP)” Collection: Preview

So yesterday we opened up sneak peak season with our NMRNPP COMMERCIAL but now it’s time to get serious and give you an idea about what this collection is all about. With everything being about excess and crazy head-to-toe patterns, but with also lack of quality and attention to detail, we decided to create a collection that focuses on clean cuts, quality materials to create something that can be worn anywhere, in every occasion and is simultaneously fashion conscious, timeless. With pieces ranging from raw denim, shirtings, high quality french terrys and fleeces, NMRNPP is a collection that mainly focuses on the roots of apparel construction, leaving space for the user to mold the apparel itself into their own lifestyle. Check out some preview pictures below, official lookbook coming very soon.

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NVRMND’s No More Roses Nor Pretty Patterns (NMRNPP) – Video Premiere

Here it is, today it all starts. No More Roses Nor Pretty Patterns Collection, more coming soon, but for now, enjoy the video:

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NVRMND Picture Of The Week

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NVRMND People We Like: Miles Aldridge

Known for his provocative photography, Miles Aldridge is a British photographer born in London in 1964. His website HERE. Enjoy:

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NVRMND Picture of The Week

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