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The Internet: Docmentary & “Live It Up”

Today, Odd Future Record’s The Internet released the physical copy of their debut LP Purple Naked Ladies, their documentary, and a brand new track titled “Live It Up” (Prod. By Tyler, The Creator). Check it all out below, physical copy HERE. Enjoy:

– LetsKillAndre


The Internet Presents: “Fastlane” Music Video

After their acclaimed album Purple Naked Ladies, OFWGKTA‘s The Internet releases visuals for “Fastlane”. The video, directed by Matt Alonzo features Syd The Kid and girlfriend killng, stealing cars, and conducting armed robberies around the desert. The photography is great and works perfectly, and almost enhances, the power of the song itself. Enjoy:

Purple Naked Ladies physical copy and documentary will be out January 31st.

– LetKillAndre

Odd Future Records Presents: The Internet – They Say

A few days ago the Odd Future collective surprised us with the release of a track by a new collaboration project within their group: The Internet. The collaboration, which includes Matt Martian, on production, and none other than Syd Tha Kid on vocals (btw, how amazing is her voice?) is something extremely new and refreshing from what Odd Future has been putting out in like… ever. Amazing soulful vibe set by both the beats and the vocalist. In case you haven’t heard it yet, here isĀ  “Love Song 1”, their first release.

This morning they released a new track named “They Say”, you can give it a listen below.

Both songs are available for free at ODDFUTURE.COM. The album will be eventually released on iTunes.

– LetsKillAndre

Frank Ocean Presents: “Swim Good” Video

Frankie, Frankie, Frankie Ocean is back, this time with the visuals for his track “Swim Good”. Probably my favorite song out of Nostalgia/Ultra, the video definitely does it justice, with amazing photography and a lovely feel. The video is below and make sure you check his website to keep yourself updated.


FRANK OCEAN [swim good] from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

– LetsKillAndre


Casey Veggies: “Riding Round Town” + “Sleeping In Class: DELUXE EDITION” Release

If you’re a rap fan, and I don’t mean one of those “real rap” douche-bags that quit listening to music after September 13th 1996, you definitely know about young Casey Veggies. First affiliated with the OFWGKTA movement (he was part of the first Odd Future Tape released in 2007), Veggies, who was a senior in high school ’til 3 months ago, has been doing his own thing for a while now, releasing free mix-tapes of quality Californian Los Angeles Hip-Hop. Young Veggies has been touring all over the US this summer, and is now re-releasing a deluxe version of his last “Sleeping In Class” mix-tape, which will be for sale on iTunes September 20th (it’s gonna be a re-mastered version, and there is gonna be some new, unheard tracks). Here is the video for his track “Ridin’ Round Town” (which I’ve been bumping on any car I’ve been riding on all fucking summer), off “Sleeping In Class”. Enjoy:

If you wanna hear more from Casey Veggies, visit his website, download “Sleeping In Class” , follow him on Twitter, or hit the jump for a personal favorite “DTA” featuring Tyler, The Creator. Swag.

– LetsKillAndre


Frank Ocean: “Thinking About You”

Wolf Frank Ocean is here to delight us again with a new track titles “Thinking About You”. Ocean has been taking huge steps lately, with his single Novacane pretty much being played everywhere on the radio, the success of his Mixtape “Nostalgia: Ultra” (which, as we’ve said before, will be re-released, as a new re-mastered version named “Nostalgia/LITE”) and collaborations with big artists such as Beyonce, Jay-Z and Kanye West; word on the streets is that he will be also be featured on Watch The Throne. Anyways, here is “Thinking About You”, perfect for those late nights sitting back at home, sipping on whatever your drink of preference is. Enjoy:

– LetsKillAndre

Frank Ocean: “Novacane” Music Video

OF Wolf Frank Ocean pleases us with a video for probably his most appreciated track, “Novacane”. Just like the song, the video, production and cinematography are quite amazing. If you dig Ocean’s work, remember to visit his website, follow him on twitter, and download his mixtape, which, by the way, will be soon commercially re-released as a new, mastered version with a slightly different tracklist. Enjoy:

– LetsKillAndre