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Our House Records’ MINIMIX

Our good friends over at Our House Records just released their first of a series of mini-mixes by their golden boys, Realboy. The term minimix is a bit misleading, mostly because in five minutes they feature just under 20 different songs from multiple genres, and even includes a little sneak peak of one of their new tracks. While it’s sad that this terrific mix is only five minutes long, take solace in the fact that Our House Records has promised us a new mix every Monday from their artists. Listen:

Tracklist after the jump.



Our House Records presents: Realboy and Niteppl

Realboy and Niteppl are two artists that we’ve all had our eyes on for a while here at NVRMND, and boy do we love seeing them get a high quality release over at Our House Records. They’ve been stirring up the scene in San Francisco, playing with Dada Life, Sebastian, LeCastleVania, FUKKK OFFF, Lazrtag, and many more. Incorporating styles unique to the electronic scene, like some high quality electro scene, and some audio engineering that makes me ears tingle with vibrations. Truly tasty.

Regarding Realboy, they’ve been releasing tracks consistently for 2 years now, and somehow they manage to sneak in tracks that I’ve never seen before in this package of swingy bangers. These guys are busy, passionate, and fucking talented. I never thought an artist could maintain such evil in some of their tracks, while deviating so far with swing that ports you to the 30s. I saw them live in SF during my stay, and they mixed warp 1.9, with an old school swing track. How? Do not question it. They gave the show a feel that has probably never been done, and they’ll continue to follow this trend. It’s clear how unique this artist is.

Realboy’s Early Works

Niteppl.. boy. They gained my full respect when they were playing a live DJ set, and busted out a blues guitar, live, incorporated into electro. Holy fuck. The crowd screamed Justice when they first came onto the stage with their heads down in the leathers. This group has style. The first time I heard their single Ghosts of their Ghosts EP, I could not get the lyrics out of my head. The vocals are vile, and the bassline compliments it so well. Stoked to hear more from this duo, but for now, we must wait with a remix EP of their single Ghosts.. Get it.

Niteppl’s Ghosts


Realboy & Our House Records.

Before you check out Realboy this weekend, i got a chance to sit down with them in their home studio, and this is what we talked about.


Our House Records Presents: ELECTR!C

Well, the nice guys over at Our House Records decided to throw another show, and it appears that they’re trying to set a trend for booking quality artists. Their last show, Day One, was dominated by heavy hitters Fukkk Offf and Le Castle Vania. This time it looks like they went with the exceptional musical stylings of Felix Cartal.

Listing Info:
330 Ritch
360 Ritch Street, San Francisco, CA (SF’s SOMA District)
April 30th
9PM-2AM // 18+ (good news for all you youngin’s)
Pick up tickets HERE (They’re cheap!)

Previews of the artists:

Dynamics: I’ve seen them once as a colab with Realboy and another time by themselves, and I have to say that they don’t disappoint. Their interests are not locked to a single genre, so their live performances are packed with variety, as opposed to the five hour wobble sessions that I’m sure most of you are used to; it keeps the night interesting. Check them out on SoundCloud and Facebook.

Realboy:  Pretty much everyone at NVRMND loves Realboy. A few of us have had the pleasure of seeing them grow as artists, and it’s safe to say that they are well on their way to becoming masterful DJs. They’ve been hinting for the last couple of weeks that this show is a funky one, so those of you who will be in attendance should expect high levels of groove to hit your ears. If you haven’t already listened/downloaded it, Realboy made a fantastic mix for us a while back, which is still available HERE. Haven’t heard their music? Here’s of their hits, Welcome to Hell:

Like them on Facebook and follow them on SoundCloud.

Felix Cartal: Beloved member of Dim Mak Records and true master of electronic music, Felix Cartal is a DJ that you can’t afford to miss. Know for his versatility and intense distortion, Mr. Cartal is living proof that Canada knows how to make quality DJs. Check out one of his more recent tracks, titled “World Class Driver”: 

He’s got a blog where you can read all of the weird thoughts he thinks and documents, which can be found HERE. Plus his Facebook.

Now if that didn’t sound good enough already, part of the NVRMND team will be there showing our support. We’ll be baring gifts for those of you in the front rows, so be sure to push your way forward and keep your hands up.

See you there,


Realboy x Andrew Peterson – “Welcome To Hell”

We recently released our collaboration mix with Realboy and yeah, that shit killed it. We all know you guys had it on repeat for the past 4 days, I did too. But get ready, because now this DJ duo is back with track “Welcome To Hell”, with Andrew Peterson. I’m going to warn you, this track is very hard. Like hard. As Hell. Give it a listen, love it, download, share and spread the love.

Realboy ft. Andrew Peterson- Welcome to Hell by Realboy

And again, make sure you check out their Myspace and Facebook page.

– NvrMndWhoCreatedYou

Realboy x NVRMND Mix Out Now!

The second installment of the NVRMND collaboration mixes, this time with DJ duo, Realboy.

These two LA DJs are known for bringing down the house, and they’ve got a show coming up October 15 at the Russian Center called “Recess”, so if you’re in the bay area be sure to check it out. Everyone here at NVRMND is familiar with these two guys work. We’ve watched them progress artistically and as party animals, and it brings us great pleasure to present you with their first mix for NVRMND. Be sure to check Realboy out on Facebook and on Myspace. They also have a pretty legit website:

Download “NVRMND x Realboy” Mix

It’s free, so share that shit, no need to be stingy with such a sick mix.

Oh, and we were lucky enough to catch an exclusive interview with them, HIT THE JUMP to check it out: