NVRMND’s 3ldjnd’s Purpl3

NVRMND’s 3ldjnd’s purpl3 #4 (MIX)

Hey there cats. A little while ago I claimed that I would start making mixes for you guys, as long as I managed to get my gear. Well, I’ve finally obtained it, and I recently completed a set. It’s a mini-mix, although the structure was maintained. It starts off fairly groovy, easing from Quicker (Shook remix) to the unbearable aggression of a Modek remix. There are tracks featured by Supabeatz, Modek, Van She, Shook, Fake Blood, and Siriusmo. I’ve shown it to some friends and fairly experienced DJs so far, and I have yet to get a negative response, so I hope you enjoy.

TRACKLIST (in order):

Alchemy – Supabeatz

Master & Slave (Van She Tech Remix) – Vandroid

Quicker (Shook remix) – I Blame Co Co

Blaue Sonne – Siriusmo

Too much Too much (Fake Blood remix) – Hot Chip

Chick Flick (Siriusmo remix) – Zombie Nation

Megatron (Modek Remix) – The Mastertrons

Feed my Meatmachine – Siriusmo

NVRMND’s 3ldjnd’s purpl3 #4 (MIX) .zip


NVMRND’s 3ldjnd’s purpl3 #3

I decided to do something special for the people who pay attention to the music I post. I shuffled through my most favored playlist, and the first 10 songs that came up were compiled into a nice little file of wonder. It’s a playlist of 400 songs, and I love them all, so it was a pretty random selection of sweetness. Clearly I enjoy all the songs. It wouldn’t make sense for me to give you anything I didn’t shit myself to, but then again, I feel like some blogs do that. The .zip features some relatively new Ado (Fucking awesome), some relatively new Eclier, some Siriusmo from the Let the Children Techno EP, which is available for purchase here, and a fly original track by the Classixx. My iTunes at your disposal. Enjoy fellow readers.

NVRMND’s 3ldjnd’s purpl3 #3 .zip


NVRMND’s 3ldjnd’s purpl3 #2

I’ve been going ape-shit on downloads lately, and I decided to endow our fellow MNDers with some of the super fat groovy tunage that the internet has blessed me with. You guys are gonna get some choice tracks from DCUP, Louis La Roche, Gigamesh, and of course, Shook. I’m making this one a little smaller than typical because I refuse to flood it with anything that isn’t prime for super groovin’. Beware the fat bass-lines, and be ready to sprinkle them on your ice cream.

NVRMND’s 3ldjnd’s purpl3 #2 .zip

Enjoy the funk,


NVRMND’s 3ldjnd’s purpl3

I made a playlist exclusively for the road-trip from San Francisco, and since well all know my music is the best ever, I decided to share my beautiful preferences. I compiled 20 songs by some of my favorite trip-hop/electronic/Jazz artists into a soothing blend. It’s been accompanying my black leader and I on the beach-side of the 101 for about 3 hours now. This is a playlist you can let casually glide as you go about your personal rituals. Featured artists are Bonobo, who is headlining a DJ set at Lightning in a Bottle, and Ratatat and Digitalism, who are both headlining Hard Summer (with other “God Mode”ers).

NVRMND’s 3ldjnd’s purpl3 #1 – .zip

Prepare for more. Each playlist will be approximately 20 songs, and they will each coordinate based on feel. Maybe once I get my Ableton controller I’ll start busting mini mixes.