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Bassweight, a Dubstep Film

As of now, dubstep seems to be the big thing in the electronic music industry. Over the past couple of years it has had a massive increase in popularity, and with artists like DZ, Rusko, and Joker constantly pumping out new tracks it’s hard to go any rave or party without getting bombarded with the fattest, nastiest tracks available. What’s funny is that even now, after dubstep has been around for a while and has become such a big deal, so few people actually have a good understanding of how it became the both beloved and loathed genre that it is. That’s where the good men and women at SRK come in, with their creation of the first dubstep feature film ever made, “Bassweight”. It provides a spot-on timeline for the genre, ranging from its birth, to pioneering moments in the dubstep history, plus some really good interviews with big names in the industry such as Benga and Skream. Here’s the trailer:

Click the image

It was scheduled to be released on DVD by late summer, but seeing as it’s August 31st that’s seeming unlikely. However, you should keep an eye out for it, because it’s almost guaranteed to be a neck breaker. Look for it HERE

Now, if you’ve been held in bondage for the past five or so years and the topic of dubstep is new to you, use these as reference points:

And yes, I know this is one of Rusko’s most overplayed songs, but I still love it:


Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich – “Hold tight”

This song is just so great. Put it on full blast.

– LeahKnowesy

David Sugar – “Memory Store”

David Sugar – you might have heard his name before because he’s toured with Calvin Harris, Hot Chip, Digitalism, Hadouken! & more. He falls under the UK underground indie-electro scene, and well, we just can’t get enough of him. His single “To Yourself” was featured on the Kitsuné Maison compilation 5, and “Although You May Laugh” was featured on Kitsuné Maison Compilation 6. He has a forthcoming debut album called, Memory Store, which is due for release early October 2010. Worth checking out!

If you haven’t seen it already, his music video for “Party Killer” is just so effortlessly cool. His spitted spiky vocals cut through the intricately layered guitars and samples that make up this buoyant portion of precision perfect pop to complete a sure fire stone cold killer tune.

– leahknowesy

Takashi Murakami X Britney Spears X POP Magazine

Yes, Britney is back again. This time not with a new album, single nor a haircut, but with Japanese designer Takashi Murakami.

Asked to design the cover art for the front page of Japanese magazine POP, Murakami decided to get little Pop princess Britney involved.

The final result can be interpreted in different ways. I personally think this is one of the best collaborations Britney has been in so far in her carrier. Hands down.

– NvrMndWhoCreatedYou

NVRMND’s Picture of the Week

Get it? Biggie

Of course he had to be brought up…Christopher Wallace, the black Frank White, the Notorious B.I.G. The mold was definitely turned into a fine powder after biggie was made. Needless to say, pretty much every track biggie was on before he died was about as ill as an elderly person with pneumonia. Biggie fucking killed it.

This is one of his less frequently listened to songs (in comparison to the rest of his songs, fucking everyone listens to B.I.G now) but it is easily my favorite at the moment. He was truly a lyrical genius and should be remembered for more than “Hypnotize”, “Big Poppa”, and “Juicy”.

-Hard Denim Jeans

Monarchy – “Love Get Out of My Way”

It seems like much of the ‘blog house’ scene has been coasting on “the next new exciting dance music”; starting from “post-distortion disco” (led by Justice), towards “the nu disco route” (led by Aeroplane), which led to the dutch producers with big drums and squeaky bleeps (like Afrojack and Major Lazer). Some even went into new directions, like the producers of heavy bass and dub-step. Others even tried to follow ’80s vibes, while others remained true to rock while still using heavy distortion. Well, to be honest, we think that it’s getting a bit too old and boring.

So once you stumble upon this duo called, Monarchy, you realize that there are exceptions to the rule. They’ve been quite known on the blog scene for a while because artists such as Holy Ghost!, Treasure Fingers, and Sinden have remixed their music — so it calls to our attention that there might be something special about this band. There’s not much information given about them, except for the fact that they’re based in London and might have possibly been involved in other projects; they are not new to the game. Monarchy, like Daft Punk, refuses to show their faces or reveal their identity because “they feel that artists have become bland and sanitized by the constant broadcast of personal lives”.

They are a bit synth pop, electro funk, with some french disco. They utilize digital arctic soundscapes layered with catchy vocals, falsetto and vocoders, sounding like they recorded at a Palace of Ice, where every spoken syllable is instantly turned into a fading cloud of ice particles. They released their debut single in February of 2010 called, “Black The Colour Of My Heart”.

All we can really tell you is that they will be releasing their debut album on Neon Gold, in January of 2011, which is the one-time home of Passion Pit and Ellie Goulding. And also, in the Summer 2010, expect Monarchy to be big in the UK.

Here’s their new music video for “Love Get Out of My Way” – which is their next single to be released August 30th, 2010.

Monarchy has also created remixes for the likes of Ellie Goulding, Kelis, Lady Gaga, Marina & the Diamonds, Jamiroquai and more. They’re worth checking out.